Almost Christmas

Christmas time, end of the year, another one in the bag, and I am wondering where it is that the time has gone?  Summer is now just a faded memory and long since removed from my landscape.

Another observation that is recent, is the grandkids.  They seem to be leaping ahead in years, and of course, I am not prepared for it.  I sat the other day and studied intently the mannerisms and the actions of two of our grandchildren, and all I could think of was “they grow up too fast.”

It seems just like yesterday they were my little dinkers and now they are morphing into youngsters and soon to be teenagers.  I wonder if they will even like me, when that rite of passage happens?

Joshua one of our grandchildren is ten now.  It does not seem possible, but it is true.

I still remember the day I met him, he was a “preemie” came out of the chute in Fort Worth, Texas weighing less than a five pound bag of sugar.  Real small, I had never saw a baby that small before.

But he turned out just fine.  He is a handful, great little kid.

Not long ago I walked into the kitchen, and there he sat, little red head facing down towards the table, feet just off the floor, and I thought to myself, “They grow up so fast.  Soon he will be a teenager and we will not have this time with him.”  And now sadly, that day has come upon me, and of course, like I said, I am not prepared for it, I am not ready.

Allowing my mind a little time to unwind, I can still see him as he was before.  The day I walked into the kitchen and found him there.  Little Josh sat at that table, intently working on his letter.  Oblivious to just about everything in the room, he was deep into his ritual.  He was intently hovering over his piece of yellow paper, the kind with the “big lines” on it and I asked him “Josh, what he are you doing?” and he said, “writing a letter to Santa Claus.”

Carefully, unknown to him, I studied him intently.  I watched him labor with “his letters” as he refers to them, working diligently with each stroke, with care, with his big #2 pencil, he put his thoughts down on the paper.

Who knows?  Possibly for the very first time.

So I slowly walked over to the table and I peered down on the sheet of paper, curious to see what it is that he was so diligently working on and I saw:  “Dear Santa, I can save you some time this year, please skip my sister.”  So I asked him about that, did he think it was right, did he think it was the “proper thing to do?

And he didn’t quite have an answer for me.

Josh, you know about the naughty and nice rule, right?” and he shook his little head and said, “Yes.”

“Do you think this fits in that area?  Naughty or nice?

He thought about it for a minute and then said, “I dunno.

So then I said to him, “I can get you off the naughty list, but it costs a buck?  You got a buck?” and like a rocket, he shot out of the chair, ran into the TV Room and said to his dad, “Dad, can I have a dollar?”

Lord help us.

And yes, there isn’t anything better in the world than being a registered Grandfather.


2 thoughts on “Almost Christmas

  1. Nice holiday post… and a great photo!
    Those kids always take a good photo, even when it is bad, it is good.



  2. Time does seem to fly so fast these days. When I was a child, Christmas took forever to get here and now that I’m (ahem) a little older it seems to show up so quickly. Why is it that as we run out of time it seems to speed up? Beautiful grandchildren!! Josh sounds like pistol!
    Here in the archives you will find countless posts on the measure of time, and how it is fleeting, how it is here one day and gone the next. I don’t know how many times I have put up something dealing with the nature of time, or rather the loss of it, the passing or missing of the event.

    They say if you knew how much fun grandchildren were, you would have had them first, I don’t know about that, but I know they are a load of fun and amazement on certain days in my life, and I treasure them, each and every one (we have six).

    Josh is older now, and of course, he is morphing into a young man (close to his teenage years now 11) and soon the “little guy” in him will hardly be noticeable, and I suppose, I will be a little sad.

    That is life … Everything that happens when you are not paying attention.



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