Too Ambitious

Strong powers of concentration.

New York Public Library officials announced that viewing Internet porn on library computers is a constitutional right and is protected by the First Amendment.  Even they say “if the groaning disturbs other patrons in the library”

In other words, you can watch whatever you want in the New York Public Library.

Have you ever wondered which state has the highest subscription rate to online porn?  (I am sure this is a popular topic around the water cooler on Monday mornings … “Say Stan, have you noticed all the body hair is now gone?”)  Believe it or not, the state with the highest number of porn subscriptions is Utah, the home of Orrin Hatch that marvelous guy in Washington who hates just about everything across the board.

So sneaky readers or perverse consumers of evil … Word of caution.

In Oklahoma, if caught, you will immediately be taken to a fresh plowed field of winter wheat, stripped, laid down, your butt tickled with a fresh cut barley weed and then summarily whipped with a half-limp-wet noodle.  “We don’t put up with that kind of ____ around here” was the exact quote I believe.  There is even more, we don’t seem to have much tolerance for the things of life in Oklahoma.  Here are few.

So be advised, use a little common sense for cryin’ out loud!  If you are posting this kind of naked-body-hairless stuff on your phone or webpage (sexting) always wear the monkey mask, that should give you some kind of protection and keep your identity safe (anon).

Don't do this at the library

Flying Jackie Chan

Hong Kong Airlines announced it is requiring its flight attendants to learn Wing-Chug a form of Kung Fu, to subdue unruly passengers.  “In the event” you have too many cocktails, they are instructed to slap your sorry butt back into your seat and immediately end your Barry Manilow karaoke session in business class post-haste.  Thank you for choosing Hong Kong Airlines.

Taxes …. Should the rich pay more?

Here is my take on it.  No.  If I can figure it out, you would think they could.  Believe it or not, the top 1% are paying 32% of the load.  Calling for more ruinous taxes on workers and success, destroys “the fundamental promise of America” itself.  My biggest fear, my #1 nightmare I could think of is “outliving my income” now that would be nasty.  It used to be walking in the dark, nude, and then backing into a buttered doorknob.

It must be true, I read it on the Internet.

The penguin keeper at a zoo in Germany had to stop wearing his favorite black and white rubber boots after a male penguin fell in love with them.  The penguin, known as Bonaparte, has been obsessed with his keeper’s boots since the start of mating season, evidently mistaking them for a female.

He would nuzzle them passionately and the keeper had to switch to blue colored boots until Bonaparte finds a flesh and blood mate.  Penguins are monogamous in nature, so it was the safe thing to do, switch boots, so he could move on.  I had the same problem with a guy I met on the beach in San Francisco the summer of 2006 while on vacation.

Where Are The Jobs?

This morning I am reading of a girl in LA who submitted 15 resumes last week and no replies.  Then when she signs up for unemployment they tell her she is “overly ambitious” because she wants to work at anything … even min. wage … she is told she is “overqualified” with a college education.  All this New World Global Economy stuff has me really concerned.  Our priorities are all wrong.  Kind of strange when you stop and think about all this non-sense or non-action going on right now concerning the unemployed and the down and out.

If nine fully loaded jumbo Jets crashed every year, something would be done about it.  Every year more than 4,000 teenagers die in car crashes.  We send children to bed hungry every night in this country, one in five Americans is now on food stamps.  We build roads and bridges in countries where most people ride a donkey to town and you cannot locate this place on a map or globe on any given day.  Still no one can find work.

Here is a novel idea:

Upgrade our nation’s roads, bridges, and other basic infrastructure:

18,000 new jobs for every $1 billion invested.

We need to tell our friends in Washington (what few we have left) that coming together is a beginning.  Keeping together is progress.  Working together is Success.  Try and remember that boys N girls, the next time you draft all this mind numbing legislation that frankly is getting us nowhere.

Year after year these clowns do this to us and WE allow it.  Sure makes a guy wonder why he even bothers to vote.

And if you vote for me …… Uh huh, sure.


Cartoon courtesy of Center for American Progress

8 thoughts on “Too Ambitious

  1. I competed against the NY state entitlement system for employees. As cruel as this sounds the only way we are going to get people back to work is to tie any entitlements or benefits to work. Whether it is community service such as litter pick up, shoveling snow for senior citizens or rebuilding our infrastructure we as a society has to stop providing entitlements to able bodied people with no expectations of something in return.

    We are already paying people whose jobs are gone, so why not use that collective manpower to address issues such as failing infrastructure.
    Good comment Jon, as usual, you are very perceptive on this issue. Someone once said, “If you can walk down to the office to pick up the check, you can pick up trash alongside the road.”

    They ought to test every one for drug usage, do drugs, you lose. In California when a welfare recipient won the lottery, they sued him and got the money back. Good for California.

    The Shack NBA star tells of a time he was walking with Michael Jordan. When approached by a panhandler on the street who hit him up for money, Michael Jordan asked him, can you say this, “Welcome to McDonald’s?”

    The panhandler said, “yeah, why?” Then Jordan was reputed to have said, “Good. Go get a job and stop bothering me.”

    Thanks for droppin by



  2. I agree wholeheartedly with everything in this post… bravo on another excellent, morning read!
    Dog gone, and I thought I got up early? Thanks, I do my best to bring something to the party every day and this was it.



  3. I have to disagree with you about income taxes paid by the rich. The reason the rich pay such a large percentage is because they own such a huge percentage of the wealth in this country, and therefore receive a huge income. For example, the top 1% in this country own 33.8% of all the wealth. The bottom 50% collectively own 2.5%. The top 1% own 50.9% of all U. S. stock, bond and mutual funds. The bottom 50% collectively own 1/2 of 1%. The top 1% use their wealth to elect people to Congress (who for the most part are in the top 1%) to pass laws favoring the top 1%. Hence, taxes have been cut for them and the GOP vows never to raise them. Laws favoring working people and unions are not passed and wages are kept low so the non-elite can not get better wages and therefore buy assets that produce larger income (stocks, bonds, mutual funds, property). Meanwhile, the top tax rate for capital gains is 15% as opposed to the 35% that existed in 1978. The rich ship the good jobs overseas and further limit the possibilities for the working class, while bolstering their own income. In many cases that income is kept offshore and is not subject to U. S. income tax. Even more alarming is that the top 1/10 of 1%, that is one American in every thousand, earn 50% of all the capital gains on assets held over one year and taxed at a maximum of 15%.

    As the late Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis warned, “We can have democracy in this country, or we can have great wealth concentrated in the hands of a few, but we can’t have both.”
    Okay, I can live with that. Now ask yourself are you any better off than you were four years ago (circa Ronald Reagan). Here is a link where you will find more detailed info. It’s worth looking at. Will piss you off. (But hey? What doesn’t these days eh?)

    Click on the links or icons below the first chart to see the others.



  4. Let’s pretend for argument’s sake we tax not only the incomes of the wealthy more than they are already taxed, and that we tax their wealth or assets. That transfers that wealth into the hands of the government. Lets keep pretending the government actually distributes that wealth so the “have-nots” end up with that windfall.

    Now we don’t have to pretend as to the outcome. First, the wealthy would have less capital available for the creation of businesses which mean jobs. That is not subject to argument because the folks who want to transfer wealth already know and state the wealthy do not use their money to create jobs. Or do they?

    We can also assume those who receive the wealth are highly unlikely to use the money for anything except to raise their standard of living, as long as the money holds out, and then after that will want more. Disagree? Look at the NY state welfare recipients who have received TRILLIONS. Any jobs created? No. But lots of jobs have fled the state.

    So talk slow and explain to me how the nation benefits from taking money from the wealthy, which I presume includes most politicians, basketball stars, movie stars as well as the folks down the street who own businesses.
    “So talk slow and explain to me how the nation benefits from taking money from the wealthy, which I presume includes most politicians, basketball stars, movie stars as well as the folks down the street who own businesses.”

    I believe my stance or position on this Jon, was to NOT tax the monied people, but find other sources for the income.


  5. It all makes perfect sense to me :)
    That’s great Darcie, cause I am lost as a goose on most of it.



  6. Email:

    My comment posted yesterday was not directed at anything your wrote, or your responses to comments, but was to the poster that was suggesting the rich are not paying their fair share.
    While there is merit in suggesting the Buffets and Gates of the country could kick in a little more, one thing people have to understand is that they do not have their money in a glass jar buried in the back yard. Their money is invested, and those investments which do earn the wealthy a lot of money are also the means by which businesses are capitalized. Lose that investment capital and the businesses will go where there is investment capital. There are a lot of offshore companies whose names are recognizable US companies. They weren’t created offshore for any other reason than to take advantage of a business climate that earns the company more money.
    But even if the super rich do not invest their money, but instead use it to buy yachts, expensive homes, cars, planes, etc., society still benefits from that wealth because it takes people and jobs to make those things.
    The commenter like all who propose to take from the wealthy do not seem to understand how penalizing success snuffs out the desire to succeed in everyone. We need to take a hard look at wasteful spending, such as providing entitlements without expecting anything in return, or the cost of oppressive regulations, or any other government waste.
    While I am opining, I think we can plot a bell curve for the population in this country. On the left will be the lowest achievers, on the right the highest achievers, and in the middle the vast majority who work and earn and act responsibly. If we as a nation do away with the attitude that somehow to be on the right side of that bell curve is wrong, and if we accept the fact that most on the left side of the bell curve are not victims, but for the most part there because of their actions or poor decisions, maybe we can all work towards the same goals which is to continue our increases in the standard of living. Right now I see our country’s standard of living declining, and as long as we fight amongst ourselves and don’t address the real problems nothing is going to change.

    Jon Wehrenberg
    No problem Jon, we seem to be on the same page here. This is what the comments section is all about.


  7. In response to comment #4. We can assume the assets of the wealthy are taxed in addition to their income for argument’s sake, but that is not a realistic argument. Assets of the wealthy are NOT taxed, nor should they be, unless and until they are sold for a profit. Then, the profit, and the profit only is taxed, but currently at a much lower rate than most working people’s wages. It makes no sense to me to tax people who are entirely dependent on wages for a living, at a rate higher than people who make millions in profit, in some cases, on capital gains. If you want a strong economy, you have to have money in the pockets of the masses, not just a few. The wealthy do not create jobs simply because they can afford to pay someone to work. They hire them to work for them to make more money, and to do so there must be a demand for the service or product they produce. If cutting taxes for the rich automatically created jobs, we would be short of workers right now as a result of the Bush tax cuts. It did not work. It has never worked and it never will work. Taxing the wealthy at a higher rate also cuts down on government deficits and reduces inflation. The cart is before the horse here. Wealthy people should make more money by creating jobs and higher employment translates into more workers with more money to spend on items the rich have to sell to them. Simply giving money to the rich from the U. S. Treasury creates no jobs at all.


  8. I can relate to the gal and her resumes ! When I was out of work in the mid 80’s, I went to all the meetings, self-help shops, etc. Finally met and have kept as a superduper friend that worked for the State of California Unemployment office in Stockton, CA.
    “Fritz” as he goes by, set me up with a job interview with a large company that was looking for a Warehouse Supervisor Manager. Fritz had told me as a “headsup” thing to tell the HR Manger that I knew him and all that.
    I spent a considerable amount of time with the woman going over my impressive resume (as I was told it was by others !) and like other interviews, I would be contacted at a later time. Sure enough, I received a postcard in the mail, and a followup phone call that another person was chosen for the job, as his qualifications were a little more as to what they were looking for. Feeling more depressed then ever, went and had lunch with Fritz and whined and moaned that I just did not know what else, or what more that I could do to convince folk that I was their guy.
    Six months later while reviewing the local paper, ( I was employed again !) and I noticed and add in that paper that said company was AGAIN looking for a Warehouse Manager Supervisor ! I called up Fritz and asked: WHAT THE HELL ? He explained that sometimes companys just “guess” wrong, and don’t let it get me down, as it was, being employed was better then not, eh?
    Later on that year, just happened to look in the want-adds again, and you guessed it; that company was looking YET AGAIN for another manager!
    Here it is all these years later, being retired and loving it, I’ve often wondered WHAT it was that made that HR Manager pass me over and go thru that process of hiring, processing, and extra training of those two other guys she picked? Fritz and I went to lunch again a couple of weeks after I’d read that want-add and slipped me a copy of the second guy that company hired. I was totally dumbfounded ! I had several more years experience just in inventory control procedures to name one, but as one says: life is what it is; you make of it what you will and you let the chips fall where they may.
    It never makes sense, you just got to leqrn to roll with the punches.



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