Sunshine Sunday

Don’t forget to pray today …

Because God did not forget to wake you up this morning.

Don’t give me another Black Friday …

Give me a Sunshine Sunday instead …

To comfort my soul and make me feel warm inside …

Another glorious day to try and make my world circumspect …

One more shot at getting it right.


3 thoughts on “Sunshine Sunday

  1. All of this holiday shopping makes me realize people are easily swayed by marketing. Are we really that stupid? Have we gotten so jelly-brained we believe this crap? On waking up this morning I saw more holiday vehicle commercials touting if you really cared about your family, wanted to buy the ultimate gift, wanted to be the envy of your neighbors, become adventurous and explore the country, give the gift of luxury, then get out there and buy a new vehicle. Special holiday pricing was available right now… don’t miss out on this once a year sales event. Next, I watched a news piece where the small businesses were upset about online shoppers not paying sales tax so they were going to the powers that be to make sure places like had to pay sales tax too. What kind of lame-brained thinking is that? Why not push for no sales tax? And why give into this silly gift buying anyway? Are we so socially bound that we give into this expectation of having to give a gift? Are we so brain-washed, weak, and afraid that we can’t stand up and say, “Enough!! I’m not engaging in gouging the public anymore?” I also have to wonder about the mentality of folks who buy a vehicle, or even high-dollar electronics for gifts. Thus the saying that they might have “more money than sense”. No wonder our nation is in trouble…
    I am sitting here kind of chuckling to myself, you just wrote a 243 word paragraph girl, take a breath, relax. Yes, you are so right, the new car thing was especially insightful. I had a guy once who said to me, “just think how good your wife is going to look in this new car?” and another asked, “do you want the passenger air bag, it is an option” with HER standing right beside me at both times … and I am supposed to answer “No?”

    We pay so many ______ taxes now it is not funny. The latest gambit is to put out a “fee” instead of a tax, but the fee never goes away. They just don’t want to use the word “tax” so they call it a fee, same deal, more out of our pockets.

    Yeah, I know, don’t get him started.

    We no longer exchange gifts, we take that money and we spread it around. The kids are mostly unappreciative, so at Christmas I give out generous tips to waitstaff in resturants and we try to take some groceries and stuff like that to the Jesus House instead. I gave our kids Gift Cards one year and then a month or two later, I asked one of them, “What did you guys ever use that gift card for?” and I was told … “Gee Dad, I didn’t know we were required to itemize our gifts for you?” so NO more gift cards.

    Now you know why we do the box of groceries thing … here is one for you, this will crack you up … WalMart Hand Cramp

    Good reply,



  2. LOVED your phrase….not black Firday but Sunshine Sunday. Praise God and the sun is shining gloriously here in Bermuda as wwe are off to church.
    You too have a Blessed day!
    Thank you Lord for all your precious gifts….among them my new blogger pals!
    Have a glorious time in the Amen Section, we will catch you later.



  3. Beautiful thought this morning Don. It’s a rainy Sunday here but another day to try to get it right nonetheless. God is Good indeed!
    Hey thanks! We are currently enjoying a super weekend, and sincerely hope you are too. Will have another post tonight “A Typical Man” and that will be around 6pm and it will tell you all about it.

    Thanks for droppin by on your rainy day.



  4. I can remember my grandmother and great grandmother singing this song to me when i was very young. Thanks for the memories.
    Amazing Grace is one of the most poignant hymns that ever was, (if that is good English?) it doesn’t matter what language it is sang in, it always hits home deep down in the soul of man.



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