A Typical Person

Not being all that comfortable with tooting my own whistle, I will make this short and sweet.  Just wanted to share it with all of you.  From time to time, we get lucky and something happens that is memorable, you write a piece that will strike a familiar chord with others, and it gets notice and is reviewed and I suppose passed around the net.

This happened this week on Creative Endeavors, well actually several things happened.

A Moment In Time proved to be really popular with folks this weekend, starting off with 200 hits on the first day.  The second day it was generating upwards of 800 views per day, which is good.  Right now as I write this, it is currently receiving about 300 hits per hour (about 600 today) and that is encouraging to say the least.  On a daily basis we usually see 100-150 new folks, this is having a profound impact on our daily visitor numbers.  It is has seemingly overnight become our #2 most popular post.

Having no idea how long this will last, we are now just sitting back resting a little and enjoying our moment in the sun.  For all of you who read it, then passed it on, thanks.

On the same day, Creative Endeavors was also highlighted on Blogs of Oklahoma, which was cool.

No joke, blogging on a daily basis can be tiring, frustrating, things often seem really tough and discouraging.  But you can do it, you can persevere and eventually something will come your way.  This week showed me that Fresh Pressed aint that big of a deal, that you can still get out there and make a difference and you don’t have to be Fresh Pressed to do it.  It also illustrates that WordPress.com is the perfect platform for a messenger to deliver the message to our world.  That friends is just fine with me … As my Daddy used to say … “Donnie … Even a blind hog can find an acorn every now and then.

Here is proof of it right here.  No cavalcades, no parade, no award, just a little pat on the back for a Typical Person * or your average guy.

So Hang in there … Keep choppin’ and watch where the chips fly … If we can do it, so can you.

(Thanks again for stoppin by our little old watering hole)


*The link Typical Person is really cool, check it out for sure.

Sunshine Sunday

Don’t forget to pray today …

Because God did not forget to wake you up this morning.

Don’t give me another Black Friday …

Give me a Sunshine Sunday instead …

To comfort my soul and make me feel warm inside …

Another glorious day to try and make my world circumspect …

One more shot at getting it right.