A Moment In Time

This is a picture of a bridge that is said to be in Paris.

You hang locks on it with the name of you & your significant other-girlfriend-best-friend then throw the key into the river. So even though the friend/relationship may end, you can’t remove the lock. It stays there forever, as relevance to someone once a part of your life.  Some have said that one day they want to go to this bridge and put a lock on it.  I suppose all lovers wish at one time to be in Paris.

You have heard it all before, so for the record, here it is again … Life is just too short.

We go about trying to please everyone, do the right thing, make the good decisions, we are all caught up in the external things of life, and not the important issues.  Time marches on by in its daily round the clock ritual and somehow we seem to not notice, and the the first thing you know, the good ole days are a long way down the pike and the future just doesn’t look all that bright, out of time.

I sincerely hope that in the time remaining for me, I have at least a second or two, a minute out of my busy life to celebrate something good with someone else.  To effect or influence one person, thing, or action, to bring my perspective on another, however small it might be.

To brighten the life of another persons life or day, for just a short moment or two.

Having someone tell you that you have made an impact on their life. That feeling makes me circumspect. That feeling where you influenced someones thoughts or personal beliefs, and have pointed them towards a rightful path.  Just a kind thought or a gesture is all it takes.  Here is another take on it:  No Matter What Anybody Says … A good read.

Today make a difference in someone’s life … Do it now, before you run out of time.


4 thoughts on “A Moment In Time

  1. I love the content of this post. I think back to a few important people in my life who helped me have understanding about some of my experiences. I hope to be that person to others someday too. That is what is important about your blog… you reflect on situations that have bearing on daily life. Be it serious, hilarious, or simply food for thought, your subject matter causes us to ponder our lives and what we’re creating. As always, I enjoy reading your blog with my first cup of coffee. It’s my way of starting the day with a little perspective!
    Maybe one of these days, I will be like a Tony Robbins kind of guy, where people pay large sums of money for me to come to their city and motivate them! Yeah, room service, all the Blt’s I can eat … Now that would be the ticket, eh?

    I like to think of this blog as a place where “life is shared or at best related to or experienced” is that quirky or what? Some have called it a soapbox but I like to call it a watering hole. As for subject matter, diversity is the key to success, no one is going to visit here if it is the same old mundane crap, day after day.

    Thanks for stoppin’ by while you had your coffee. I am on my third week of DeCaf now (high blood pressure, too much caffeine) and it is kind of like kissing your sister … not much there. You never answered my question: “You haven’t posted anything since Grandma’s Piano, what is up with that?”

    Thanks for the kind words, now get dressed and go out and find someone to hug.



  2. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I appreciate the linkback to my page! Its so sweet of you! All the best to you!
    We often provide a link back to other sites if they are deserving and worthy of attention, no big deal. Hope you are having a wonderful holiday.



  3. Staying informed is very depressing these days, way to go on the thinking more positive. Drive that big rig to Fla for new years, love to meet you in person someday. dave
    Really hard to stay upbeat and positive any more. First story on the news tonight, a married couple was charged with 50 counts of sexual relations with a 13 year old girl. Second story, local teacher sodomizing little boys, woman kills her lover and another guy shoots his best friend of 15 years over a woman then drags him behind a pickup truck into an open field to dump the body.

    That is just the local stuff, then comes even more “good news” on the national scene. It is awful hard to stay focused and positive, but we try.

    No trip scheduled to the sunshine state Dave, sorry. Do you have a bus, we sometimes attend bus meets around the country.

    Thanks for stoppin by.



  4. the bridge does exist in paris, but every week or two they remove most of the locks to make it look neater.

    Why not just go and put a combination lock on, Playa lifestyle all the way :).
    I suppose if it is a popular spot, the locks would start accumulating, I did not know that they removed them. I also was not sure there was a bridge there that all this was taking place on to begin with, I said that “I understood there was one there” but I had no working knowledge of it. My definition of “Playa” means a dried up source of water, what are you saying here? I don’t understand that part of your comment.

    Thanks for dropping by,



  5. What a terrific post! I had heard about the fence in Paris, can’t remember now where, but had never seen a picture of it. I love the idea too!

    The Dalai Lama is right on all points. A shame isn’t it?

    I love your post. Going to re-post it ok? :)
    Glad you liked it, have at it. Merry Christmas.



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