Down Under …

Not a good day for scuba diving on the The Great Barrier Reef in Australia.  Ian Cole of Michigan took the vacation of a lifetime and made the trip down under.

Wonder how long the flight down there would be? 

I always like the part where the stewardess takes the microphone and says … “In the unlikely event of …. “  This is always to me, a very suspect phrase, especially coming as it does from an industry that is willing to lie to the public about arrival and departure times.

So, Ian is having the time of his life, swimming and frolicking on the Great Barrier Reef.  Perhaps later they will throw another shrimp on the barbie …  He was diving with a group of divers, and he said that he surfaced to get his bearings and that is when he noticed the boat that brought him and the other divers to the reef, was now gone.  Man-Man, if that doesn’t give you a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach, nothing would.

Realizing that he was alone.  He said “he almost panicked there for a moment or two.”  Fortunately, another boat came by and they picked him up.  And you thought Disneyland was bad.

The Cracker Boy has a good take on it here.  

Nice article on reefs and Huge Sharks!

(Make sure you click on the link to the photo … It is well worth the trip trust me)

Here is a good rule of thumb for all you Motor City tourists southbound to Austrailia. When an animal this size comes close enough to you to look you in the eye, and its third eyelid nictitates like the blazes, it is time to pack it in … leave the area.

I don't need the boat ... I just need the sand and the sea.

Australia sounds interesting as all get out, it really does. But for my money, the Caribbean is looking much better.  For one thing, I have yet to read of any great white sharks down in that neck of the woods.  Some place like Bermuda, Nassau in the Bahamas, maybe a white sand beach in Jamaica, an old hammock, a glass of sweet tea sipped slowly from a small Mason jar.   Like the song says … I am gonna lay in the sun, roll me up a big fat one, grab my guitar and play.  My toes in the water, my A** in the sand, not a carry or worry in the land.

Because such a high percentage of our time as humans is spent in the pursuit of personal goals in life, we must strive to make every minute count.  We often find a way to enjoy the actual day-to-day, moment-to-moment process of living.  Instead of waiting for the boat that left you adrift, you could be lying in a hammock, lit up and oblivious to the world and not having to worry about being the lunch time entree of some huge swimming carnivore.

Life is all about choices, remember that.  Maybe a tree house in Belize … I dunno.  No Barrier Reef that is reserved for the adventurous types (those guys who can paddle really fast), not old geezers like me.