S.O.S. Upside Down And In Trouble

My neighbor came over the other day and asked me, “Have you been drinking lately?” and I responded, “No.  Why?” and then he pointed at the flag outside my shop on the flagpole that was clearly flying upside down.

He then said, “Well, your flag is upside down.

And I said, “Yeah, I know it.  It is an International sign of distress on the High Sea’s, if you are in trouble you rig up your standard in the upside down position.”

So clearly confused and caught off guard, he then says, “What in the #$#@##!! are you talking about?”

And I said, “I don’t know if you have noticed it or not, but this country is clearly in trouble.”

Welcome to my world, a world where some people still like me, even if I don’t smell like fresh rain.  We, as a race of people, a nation, need to get honest about all this, we are in dire straits, 49 million people in this country are on food stamps, one out of every six do not have anything to eat.  We are not educating our young and our industries are being shipped overseas.

We are in trouble.  

Hello, my name is Don, I am addicted to The Big Bang Theory and I freely admit that I never had my science project in on time.  It might  have been because the nature of the instruction and the assessments often reflect more of an ability to memorize facts and sit attentively than truly actually engage in science.  Although I am a graduate of High School, I cannot forge nor change your future, you have to do that.

I would also at this juncture like to admit that most of the time, when they are discussing quantum physics and all that other universal stuff on television, I haven’t a clue as to what they are talking about.  Yeah I know, what you are thinking that “he only watches that to gaze up the girl character Penny.”

Could be a sprinkling of truth in there too.

My science adventures in my now begotten youth, mainly consisted of being able to memorize things, not so much learn them.  A talent of sorts, but also a handicap later on in life, when students such as this are faced with “true science” further along in their academic careers they tend to get lost in the shuffle.

Memorizing instead of taking the time to learn they often find that they are under prepared for the creativity, analytical skills, and curiosity necessary to truly engage and be successful.  This why I watch the Big Bang Theory Boys & Girls, it is about as scientific as I am gonna get. (It also allows me to escape the everyday trials and tribulations of modern living)

Kind of sad, when you stop to think about it, most of the nation‘s youth are lacking in science skills, the Japanese, Germans, and others clearly are leading the way.  We seem to be fresh out of hero’s in our country.  The only people they have to emulate or look up to are sports figures and drug dealers.  This might be why they flock to the game-boy instead of the text book.

The world of reality has its limits; the world of imagination is boundless.  There is a fine line between wrong and visionary, unfortunately, you have to be visionary in order to see it.

The flag, my flag, is going to continue to fly upside down until someone can point out a clear cut difference to me.


4 thoughts on “S.O.S. Upside Down And In Trouble

  1. I knew immediately why you were flying the flag upside down and you are SO right. TROUBLE in the USA and therefore, trouble everywhere.
    If you are bibically inclined as am I, you can clearly see the words of prophecy come alive. Every thing that is happening is written there. Now, some people may sit back and say, “woe is me; it was foretold all those ages ago, we can’t change it now” But that is NOT what God instructs us to do. Rather BE AWARE of the signs of the times, then fall on your knees, humble yourselves before God and pray for our land” God is able to turn things around. America (the world) needs to get back to what made that nation great….not liberty upon liberty until only the criminals get a fair shake but getting back to honor, respect, hard work, and teaching our children consequences! It is an uphill battle but we must gather together and pray and SEEK God!!!
    There, I’ve had my say.
    Thanks Don.
    I was telling my husband about your blog today and how much I love it. He is interested in reading it now. Woohoo!
    No men allowed! Hahahahahahaha I think I just hurt myself. No, no kidding, great. The majority of our readers are ladies, and the biggest part of them reside in the South. Our biggest city is Atlanta and then Los Angeles. I don’t know what it is going to take, might be as MacArthur said after the war. Standing on the deck of the Mighty Mo (Battleship Missouri) at the Japanese surrender he said that “man had best figure out a way to solve his problems, or if not, our only providence would be divine in nature. (God)”

    As I said in the piece. The flag stays the same, upside down until something appears on the horizon that will change my mind.



  2. I have to agree. This country needs a new direction.
    I am not some kind of sponge, that you just keep wringing and wringing, and I will supply you with dollars. It just doesn’t work that way. We are fresh out of hero’s in this country, and I have no clue as to what it will eventually lead to, but I know this, I sure don’t like what it is that we have.



  3. Email Comment by Jon Wehrenberg:

    While I am in full agreement that this country is in trouble and as tempting as it is to make my opinion know via bumper stickers, upside down flags, or sound bytes on a tee shirt, I am learning nobody gives a damn about my opinion. Some people are so pissed off nowadays they go out of their way to irritate or otherwise bait people who feel differently than they do. So I remain silent. What I would like to do is slap the hell out of everyone that has a different opinion than mine, because I am right. Trouble is they would like to do the same to me, because they are right (in their mind).

    Where I think we have crossed the line in this country is the politicians have wisely divided us into the haves and have nots. Even if a person is doing OK, the politicians have convinced that person that somehow the very rich don’t deserve what they have and even those doing OK are entitled to get some piece of the very rich’s wealth. It benefits the politicians to see us divided. They can draw a line in the sand and be assured of the majority vote because there are fewer very rich than there are others.

    I was not and still am not very political but many years back when I first was in my own business in NY state I realized NY (and now the country) was in a world of hurt and it was never going to get better. In NY a welfare constituency was created by what I will charitably call well meaning politicians. We couldn’t let the poor starve or freeze so every year NY state legislated more welfare benefits, and looser requirements to qualify for welfare. Soon welfare was a way of life in NY, with many families having multiple generations on welfare and no end in sight.

    The burden on those paying taxes kept increasing to the point where NY had to keep inventing ways to take your money if you were employed and self supporting. Those at the low end of the scale slipped out of the job market and joined the ranks of welfare recipients. Those on the high end of the scale slipped out of NY away from the reach of the taxman. The exodus of jobs in NY is scary. The exodus of young people with education or skills is even scarier because the remaining population is growing older and less well financially. Plot any curve you want on a graph and it is clear where NY is heading.

    Yet as a nation we are incapable of seeing where NY, CA, MA, etc. are heading and the rest of the nation is following. Now that NY has a greater number on the receiving end of benefits, and much fewer funding those benefits the political scene has gotten scary. I am now afraid we who actually have lived responsibly, and have paid not only our own way, but the means by which others can live off of our labors is setting us up as the enemy. So for me, no flags, bumper stickers or tee shirts expressing my opinion. In the not too distant future the warfare between the classes in this country is going to be out in the open. I would not be paranoid if someone could convince me I am wrong.

    Jon Wehrenberg
    Well said Jon, cannot add to that …..



  4. No here to add anything but just a statement. I knew in immediately why your flag would be flying upside down.
    I wonder how many others had no clue and assumed it was done in error. I applaud your tenacity.
    I further enjoyed the comments of your readers. Right On!

    Your friend
    Ah my girl, long time no hear from you? Feel free to jump in there at any time and let ‘er rip Marilynn, you always do well with your comments. Our readers are the treasure, we coddle them and do our best to accommodate their specific wants and/or tastes. Take a shot at it next time.

    Good to hear from you gal.



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