Something Stinks …

One of the apparent disadvantages to getting older is your eyesight deteriorates, so consequently you need more light.  Yesterday I purchased a new desk lamp for my workstation or desk.  The instructions say that the lamp requires a 60 watt bulb, as I am not a big fan of these high dollar neon’s I bought a 60 watt bulb for the thing.

Now here is the rub … I turned it on, it is starting to smell to beat the band, a distinct chemical odor emitting from it as it heats up, which is permeating the room.  Not a pleasant experience let me tell you.

These days I find myself suspicious when it comes to chemicals and odors.  When you were young and stupid, you really did not care about an odor, some of them smelled refreshing and good, and others, well, not so good.

Such is the case here, it is smelling not so good.

As I sit here this morning I find myself wondering, “Is this hurting me?  Breathing this somewhat repulsive and offending odor here at my workstation?”  Did not used to do that, but now I find that a lot of the time, I am questioning things concerning my health and my life.

Having heard it said that there are upwards of 25,000 new products introduced to consumers during the year that gives me cause for concern as I do not know how many of these products are officially tested before being released to me.

Most likely in this case, once the lamp is heated up and broken in, it will not put out this odor, but it sure is buggin me today.  (And you thought I would not have something interesting to write about this morning?  Just goes to show you, that there is nothing to this writer’s block crap doesn’t it.)

Smells and odor are important in life.  I read an article on new car sales and they said one of the selling tactics that had proven to be rather successful was to “test drive the new car” because once people got into the car and smelled the new car smell it was an enticement to purchase.

If I had “test driven” this new lamp at the store, I doubt very seriously if I would have bought it.

Early in the morning, waiting on the sun to come up so that I might “get cracking” as my Daddy used to say.  Get out and about, do my chores, fix what needs fixing.  Did you seize the day this morning or are you just sitting back and savoring the moment in quiet contemplation of what needs to be done?

I have something to add to the mix here.  I am set up top either shoot for it (the day) or get back into bed.

When I moved my workstation from my shop last weekend to the house, I tucked it away in the back bedroom, so I can get started first thing in the morning or when exhausted I can just tell the computer to shut down and I can go back to bed. (yes dear reader, this is hard, hard work as I am sure you can readily see)

Like Burger King is fond of saying …. “Have it your way.”

This is what you do when you no longer have the desire (or the funds) to head out to Machu Picchu the Mona Lisa of Incan ruins in South America.

Sadly there is very little adventure left in my life, I am reaching the point in time where all I have to share with others is recent bedroom arrangements, the soft telling nuances of better bloggin from the sleepy-side of life. Talk about my accoutrements and office supplies.  It is no small wonder why American’s are in such a dog-gone hurry to reach retirement age.

My-my, look at the old clock on the wall Boys & Girls, time to close this down and get back to my main mission in life, my burning desire, my latest project.  I am heavily engrossed in telling a loosely written yarn about Ghostly Saloons of the Golden West, a thrilling collection of vintage stories for skittish souls.  Mainly concentrating on the coastal towns up and down the left-coast of California.

With a stop in Sonora or Bodie on the way out.

Word has it that studies have found that certain things (bad writing, pop songs, country music) often become tremendous hits if they’re annoying repetitive, and trite.  Because they tap into inherent preferences in our brains.  If there is any true basis to this claim then my story Ghostly Saloons of the Golden West should become an instant hit (along with this blog piece this morning).

Look for it on Amazon.Com in the “will put you to sleep fast section” right alongside of other notables such as:  “This sure don’t smell right to me?” … “Hey kid, pull my finger” or “It was already on fire when I laid down in it”  …  Not exactly what some would call Hemingway, but at the bargain price of $11.95 it should help to pay the rent.  And these days, I will take any kind of help I can get.

Nice visiting with y’all today, have a great weekend, if you go shopping … please remember to check the tag … A friend of mine recently remarked that some people might actually believe this, so here is one last thing:  “All generalizations are false, including this one.”   (Mark Twain)

See you on Monday.


2 thoughts on “Something Stinks …

  1. I love that Mark Twain quote! And I too bought one of those lamps for my daughter’s desk and it still smells bad. Have a good weekend.
    Mr.Twain is a big deal with me, him and Thomas Jefferson. Twain said that a cat that jumped up on a hot stove would never do that again … but he would not jump up on a cold stove either. Glad to see that you are enjoying the site and getting something from it, that is cool.



  2. I’m suspicious of chemicals used in making products too. I check out labels on foods and products used on the skin. I try to be careful all around, but environmentally, it’s pretty tough to avoid all of the hazards we’re presented with in a day. Basically, it boils down to being cognizant and using some common sense. If your gut is telling you something isn’t right… then it probably isn’t.
    You should be, they are in everything and who knows what they are doing to us, our systems, our food supply. We ate at a place one night, and within hours I was sick, but that might not have been chemically induced. This lamp stinks to high heaven, and I am not sure that is a good thing.



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