How You Doin …

I love Joey Tribbianni in the show Friends.  He often made my day, I suppose there is a little of Joey in all of us?  So today we are going to talk about Greeters, WalMart Greeters, store cashier Greeters, false greeters.  Have you ever noticed how people greet each other or say good-bye.  Wasn’t that long ago everyone was saying “Wazzzz-up?” and “Have A Nice Day” was almost always the final say so on the matter.

Now days it is “How you doin? and Have A Good One.”  I am always awkward with the response, never say “Pretty Good” because I am neither.

I am not pretty by any means, and most always, never good.

Living in Oklahoma people usually greet you with “Hey, how you doin?” and then the other person will respond in kind with “Aw Okay, how you doin?”  Why is it when greeted with a question, we answer each other with a question?  Almost like management and a Union negotiator, both sides trying to control the conversation.

As I am such a fun person, bubbling over and full of life.  I usually respond to it in this fashion.

Checkout stand lady …“Hey, how are you doin today?” and I say, “Not good.  I had a really bad reaction to my new medicine and it gave me an er, accident in my pants, and I have to check out quickly so that I can get to the bathroom and clean up some, do you want to lend me a hand?”  Now most of the time, I have to be honest, that dog doesn’t hunt, and my wife, well she grabs a candy bar off the rack and pretends that is honestly the only thing that she came there for … and of course, pretends that she does not know me.

In certain cultures (notably the Orient or Asia) people greet each other with a little bow and their hands pressed together in a prayer position. This is meant to convey that one acknowledges the divinity in the other. In our culture we greet each other by shaking hands, a gesture meant to convey the cheery thought, “See? I’m not holding a weapon.”

Personally, I like the Dallas-DFW Airport Karma Sutra-divinity greeting better …  Look you right in the eye and then a gentle but respectful, polite, hands-clasped bow. 

Makes you wonder … Whatever happened to just saying …. Hello?

Sometimes I miss the old days … Remember to check the label before you buy … The job you save could very well be yours.


3 thoughts on “How You Doin …

  1. So how ARE you doing, really? ha ha
    Great post as usual.
    Here in Bermuda, the word is either “cool” or “safe”
    Don’t even ask me to explain those but I bet you’d be here an hour and would have a variety of explanations.
    Safe, man?
    Remember that movie, “Runnning Man?” He would say, “is it safe?” and then pull another tooth (with no Novocaine) arrrrrrrrgh. Ah Bermuda, I went out to the shop this morning and it was 37* I was out there for about ten minutes and then I said, “Screw this!” Back in the house now, watching Dr. Phil and seeing who’s marriage is falling apart, and who is cheating on who. Maybe it will be … “My four year old is ruining my life Dr. Phil, what do I do? What will I do?”

    Can’t beat that.

    Thank you for your reply … Now get out there and work on your tan lines girl.



  2. Ahh Joey – I miss him. Have you ever gone to the doctor because you are sick as a dog and he walks in and says, “How are you doing?” and you respond out of habit, “Fine.” I can have a fever of 102, unable to breathe, coughing up a lung and still out of habit I’ll say, “Fine.”
    Now that is rich, I like that. When mine asks, I usually will respond with “I am not telling you!” to which he used to reply, “Why?” So I told him, “Everytime you ask me that, I tell you, and then you prescribe something NEW for me to take. So I aint saying.”

    Which never goes over good at all. I don’t even believe we are socially compatible anymore, he used to delight in giving me a prostrate exam and now he doesn’t even mention it. I really think he is into someone else now and that hurts me … what were we talking about?



  3. Love this one. I miss . . . “How you doin’?” and the ugly, naked guy. Yeah, they probably ran the show into the ground, but it was still better than the drek airing today. Maybe in a few years they’ll do . . . “The old with the old friends reunion.”
    Yeppers, after eight years, it got a little stale. I do occasionally go back and visit with them. I am not all into the new Three Men & a boy either, just doesn’t have it now that Charlie has been killed off. It appears that we are fresh out of hero’s on the television horizon any more.

    Kind of like buses, I am just hanging around waiting on another one to come on down the line, then I might get on board, when it shows up that is.

    Have a good one Sister.



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