Another message from your favorite vessel of the masculine life force is now on your way.  Please check your attitude and adjust your thought patterns for another riveting, thought provoking comment on life in general.

Hey … It beats watching the award winning RoboStir, the amazing pot stirring invention doing lazy circles in your bought on sale at Sears stainless steel pot on the back burner of your General Electric, we make life easier cook-top stove in the kitchen.

Riding up and down the Santa Fe Mainline in the early part of my life, I kept track of where I was by using a milepost.  Every mile on the railroad has a milepost, the Interstate Highways have mileposts, all of life, if you are paying attention, will have a milepost.  Today I find myself looking at another milepost in time and labor. That milepost is this post, it is #1060 and that has to be a marker in anyone’s book.  In the two and one-half years I have been contributing to this site (I took a little over a year to unwrap and relax a little, then came back) I have put out over one thousand and sixty of these.

Recently I read a Freshly Pressed site and they have only been in business three months, and just doesn’t make sense to me, but then again, “it is their sandbox.”  Believe it or not, I have seen Fast Rising Blogs that were only seven days old.  I see people go as long as five years and never get any kind of recognition and that is often kind of sad for me.  But then again, when you look at the statistical side of the coin here, the odds of achieving this lofty goal (much like winning the lottery) are simply astronomical.  Just to be recognized would be something.

Most people who visit this website do so deliberately, but others stumble across it while searching the Internet for esoteric topics. Noting from time to time, people are always looking for high numbers, how many hits, who is where and total residents on board.  It seems to me that the quality of the posts is what brings them in, not the population that resides, that kind of thing.  We have had a lot of traffic over the years, and most folks would just love to see what we see on a daily basis, but traffic is not where it is at.

If you can end a sentence like that?

Some bloggers or writers are looking for ways to attract more people to a site, when they ought to be cultivating interesting people who will “add to it” sort of like that Hollywood adage … “If you build it, they will come” idea. At least that is my take on some of this. At times we have had our fair share of interesting people to comment on the site and add to the mix.  Comments are the fuel for the fire for me, I love the comments, don’t know exactly how to cultivate them or make them better, but never the less, they are the meat left on the bone at the end of the day.

From a personal standpoint I feel that comments are great and most welcome, they are for the most part, what makes it interesting to me.  Unfortunately if you are a regular reader of this site, in my often off the wall style or loopy way, I can discourage comments. I will sit down and write that I believe my parrot is a direct descendant of Satan or an emissary from hell, and most people (in their right mind) wouldn’t dare to comment on something that bizarre.

So I understand.

Curiously I am finding after all this time that a certain percentage of people across the wide spectrum that is WordPress don’t even bother to answer comments (I am not talking about Freshly Pressed here, which sometimes generates hundreds of comments in one twenty-four hour period) and I find that somewhat of a let down personally.

Comments are the best part of all of it.

So it appears to me, that the game plan has shifted some and the WordPress experience or environment is changing.  A great many of the folks that were here when I started three years ago are now long gone, shut down or have closed up shop and moved on.  Perhaps this new influx of people (contributors and/or writers) just see it differently?  #1060 isn’t anything out of the ordinary, just another post in a long line of them, and I am sure there will be more in the future.  More than likely this site will never see WordPress.com up and coming fastest growing blog fame or be Freshly Pressed or any other prominent recognition and that is okay.

We like being #2 it often makes us try harder.

In the future Creative Endeavors will stay basically as it is. A fun place, warm and welcome, and we hope that you will tell others about it or comment from time to time.  Some people I suppose actually miss a site where everyone is flaming each other, where the flow of material is coarse, rude and full of hate speech. Swing a dead-cat in any direction on the net, and you can certainly find a lot of mean spirited sites these days.

Creative Endeavors will never be that way.

Be advised, this doesn’t mean we will allow you to come in here in the comment section and beat up on us or exhibit your particular brand of unsocial behavior.  This is simply not going to happen.  You will be sent to comment oblivion before you know what hit you.  Beats me why people seek out activity like that, it is a unsettling, sign of the times I suppose.

So if content is not an issue with you and you have a little time to spare, drop by and stay awhile.

Sift thru all of it, pick out what it is that you can use, and throw the rest of it away.  If you want to take some of it home with you that is okay too, we would however, appreciate a link back.  Seems only fair.

Stop by here tomorrow morning for #1061 which will be a generous dose of “Something Stinks.”  We will even open up the comments section, let Mr. scruffy out of his cage and make him available for petting.

Can’t get a better deal than that.


How You Doin …

I love Joey Tribbianni in the show Friends.  He often made my day, I suppose there is a little of Joey in all of us?  So today we are going to talk about Greeters, WalMart Greeters, store cashier Greeters, false greeters.  Have you ever noticed how people greet each other or say good-bye.  Wasn’t that long ago everyone was saying “Wazzzz-up?” and “Have A Nice Day” was almost always the final say so on the matter.

Now days it is “How you doin? and Have A Good One.”  I am always awkward with the response, never say “Pretty Good” because I am neither.

I am not pretty by any means, and most always, never good.

Living in Oklahoma people usually greet you with “Hey, how you doin?” and then the other person will respond in kind with “Aw Okay, how you doin?”  Why is it when greeted with a question, we answer each other with a question?  Almost like management and a Union negotiator, both sides trying to control the conversation.

As I am such a fun person, bubbling over and full of life.  I usually respond to it in this fashion.

Checkout stand lady …“Hey, how are you doin today?” and I say, “Not good.  I had a really bad reaction to my new medicine and it gave me an er, accident in my pants, and I have to check out quickly so that I can get to the bathroom and clean up some, do you want to lend me a hand?”  Now most of the time, I have to be honest, that dog doesn’t hunt, and my wife, well she grabs a candy bar off the rack and pretends that is honestly the only thing that she came there for … and of course, pretends that she does not know me.

In certain cultures (notably the Orient or Asia) people greet each other with a little bow and their hands pressed together in a prayer position. This is meant to convey that one acknowledges the divinity in the other. In our culture we greet each other by shaking hands, a gesture meant to convey the cheery thought, “See? I’m not holding a weapon.”

Personally, I like the Dallas-DFW Airport Karma Sutra-divinity greeting better …  Look you right in the eye and then a gentle but respectful, polite, hands-clasped bow. 

Makes you wonder … Whatever happened to just saying …. Hello?

Sometimes I miss the old days … Remember to check the label before you buy … The job you save could very well be yours.