Missing Boomer

Moved the bed this weekend, it is no longer by the window, and thankfully, I cannot hear the neighbor’s dog barking.  There must be something in the dog owners DNA that makes it possible for them “to not hear their own dog barking” because if it were not there, someone would have shut this mutt up a long time ago.

He howls at the coyotes, he barks for hours on end, he even pleads to the moon when it is full.  His name is Boomer (if anyone should care?) he is an outside dog, a flea bitten, tick infested curr who at times has made my life miserable, my canine neighbor who lives a few scant yards across the road from us.

But tonight it has been unusually quiet.

So I got up early, because you see, now I cannot sleep, the room is too quiet.  In the past, to thwart the dog, I would often turn on the rotating fan, and even though I was not overheated or hot, I would use the fan to drown out the sound of the dog and pull the covers up tight around my head and neck.

Desperate times call for desperate measures they say.

I lay there in the stillness of the night, and I watch the red numbers on the clock, slowly turn over, one at a time.  The quiet of the morning envelops me and I am at peace with my world, which is a strange feeling, because I am NEVER at peace with my world.

Not running the fan now, the room is eerily quiet, so believe it or not, the silence of the room is hampering my sleep.  Fighting what appears to be a losing battle, I get up and I come in here, to my favorite chair, a cup of fresh brewed coffee and soft porn on the movie channel (you know the kind, where everyone is naked, but nobody is showing their junk, that is soft porn).  Finding no solace in that, I search around and finally land on an old Chevy Chase movie on one-eighty-five.

What else is there for a guy to do at three in the morning?

Sadly, I am far too old for my own paper route.

Sitting here, I fire up the laptop and I search the net for something to amuse, to peruse,  a smattering of America to fire my senses.  What I find unfortunately this day, is blog after blog of depressing type stuff, I cannot for the life of me figure it out.  Must be something in the water, page after page of people who are desperately seeking ways to be happy with their sorry feckless lives.

It is always a good idea to vent, I believe in that.  What I don’t believe in is sharing what it is that I am feeling (of a negative nature) with people I do not know.  I don’t understand it when people write about how miserable they are, sharing every rancid detail with complete strangers in the middle of the night.

Maybe it would be better for all concerned, if they just bought a dog.


3 thoughts on “Missing Boomer

  1. I have been up since 2:30 this morning too. I have 3 dogs. None of them have put paws to floor to come back here and check on me. I bumbled around reading blogs for a while too, and wondered what possesses people to write what they do. I suppose the First Amendment gives everyone the opportunity to say what pleases them and possibly they feel the rest of the world cares. Instead of indulging myself in any further mindless reading, I got busy doing my online grocery shopping. I’ve moved on to researching food processors… just in case anyone wants to know, the new Kitchenaid KFP1333 looks pretty darned interesting. .
    If you surf the net you are going to find it and by “it” I mean ALL OF IT. Why people feel compelled to write down each and everything that is bothering them that particular day is beyond me? I saw one last night on how to handle excessive bleeding during a menstrual period for cryin’ out loud. Now that was noteworthy, not very applicable in my case, but never the less, I am sure someone will benefit from it.

    I have a hard fast rule, and that is I don’t do this when I am down and wait for a better day. Now I do write when I am irritable, cranky, bent out of shape and my libido is raging … but never when I find myself a little melancholy or having my own personal pity party, just figure it isn’t cool.

    Like my grand-daughter is fond of saying … “Don’t get ugly grandpa.”

    Okay, I will bite. You shop for groceries on-line, do they then deliver them to you in a truck or something? Can’t you just jump into the old truck and run over to Lawton to WalMart? Ordering on-line groceries, I have to admit, that is a new one on me. Wouldn’t that be rather pricey?



  2. Maybe Boomer will return to his barking ways and you will sleep better tonight. Sorry the woes of the bloggy world are bumming you out. Sometimes we just have to vent / share / purge somewhere so we don’t spew all over the real world. I try not to go there too often, but just have to once in a while.
    Oh I don’t know, into each life a little rain must fall, eh? Funny what is bothering me, doesn’t even effect someone else, and vice or versa. I guess I miss my worry tree or just made some unconscious bad choices for reading material late into the night.

    It might have been that pepperoni pizza … I dunno?

    Thanks for stoppin by …



  3. Don, I don’t order perishables online. Mostly it’s dry goods and specialty items I can’t get in the local stores. We eat fairly healthy and I dabble in the gourmet. This particular area of the state caters to a financially-challenged population so I have to get fresh, organic, or specialty items in Lawton or OKC. The one thing you can count on about me is I’m price savvy. Most everything I order is free shipping. One can find excellent prices online – it’s very competitive these days. Most items are delivered UPS, USPS and FedEx. I also have a Sis-in-law that brings bulk items from Central Market in Dallas when she comes to visit. .Yes, it does cost a little more to eat as healthy and organic as we do, but the payoff has been no doctor visits in more than a decade. You just can’t beat that!

    I will order the KitchenAid food processor I mentioned above, from an online source as well. Their price is up to $50 less than in-store purchases I’ve seen, and shipping is free. I do try to purchase USA whenever possible. A good reference is http://www.stillmadeinusa.com/.
    Hey thanks for the update, this is the first time I have come across this, sounds pretty good. The link is good too. The only thing I see about ordering online is the sales tax that they recently have instituted (that kind of sucks) and often it is ordering a pig in poke, you may be getting what you want and you may not.

    We get a lot of stuff off of Amazon and a few others.



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