Veteran’s Day

Please take a moment out of your busy day to stop and consider all the freedom’s you currently enjoy and those who gave so much that you might have a rich and better life.

Then lower your head and pray for those who are still not home on this day.

If you know a vet, call him/her and tell them you appreciate their service and sacrifice for the common good of our country.

Better yet, if you can, take them out somewhere and buy them lunch and hug their neck.



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3 thoughts on “Veteran’s Day

  1. Daddy was a Vet . . . Retired Navy, Chief Petty Officer serving in both the Korea and Vietnam, VS-33 Screwbirds. My first husband was a Purple Heart Vietnam Vet, two tours on the river boats. Planning a trip to the Tahoma National Cemetary tomorrow with Mum. Its what we do every year. We always take extra flowers for some of the ones that don’t have them.
    I was in Nam in 66-67 and then I came home, a lot of them did not, such a tragic waste of American Youth (most were young guys). I have no plans for the day other than what I have already done, if I come across a vet. I will tell him thanks and shake his hand.

    Thanks for commenting, you and “Mum” have a good day.


  2. We are so fortunate to live in such a Free country, while most of the world is not. I’m a proud Viet Nam Vet and my father was at Pearl! He talks about his experience at times, it was a tragic day for many. Some gave the Ultimate Sacrifice and never returned home. God Bless Our Veterans!

    Good one Don!

    A well thought out and written comment Paul, thanks so much. This is the spirit of the thing, be thankful for what was provided for you by the sacrifice of others that served. Ironic isn’t it? We were supposed to be the generation that would not have to go off to war, and then looked what happened.

    Thanks for stopping by



  3. You have more useful info than the Brtiish had colonies pre-WWII.
    That is kind of debatable. But thanks we appreciate it.



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