War Bird

Here is something else that happened recently and it was something to experience and to see.  I had to go to town to get some software.  While I was in town I came across something pretty amazing, or at least to me, I thought it was an incredible sight.

It was a veteran of World War II, a big Boeing 17 (B-17) similar to the one in the above photograph (The Mona Lisa) a beautiful War Bird making lazy circles in the Oklahoma sky.  There were a little over 12,000 of these magnificent aircraft built at a cost of around $238,000 each and I believe there are only 13 left in flying condition as of 2011.

If you would care to read more about this work horse of the European and Pacific theaters, you can look here.

What I found so incredible today was the mere thought of something built in the 1930’s and the 1940’s (first introduction of the aircraft to the war department) and it is still up there in the air, making long slow passes over Oklahoma City.  I have an uncle who was a waist gunner on one out of Siapan, and as he put, working in the outfit that won the war (Army Air Corps).

As I understand it, some of them were actually here during the war to be retrofitted with extra machine gun turrets at Tinker Air Force base.  They were a huge success until the German Luftwaffe figured out what was going on, and then they stopped coming in head-on.  Assuming this plane I saw this day was built for The European Theater and it came off the line in 1942, that would make it something like 69 years old.  Pretty good run for anyone or anything in my books.

Often I hear of the “glory days” and “America is past its prime,” garbage like that, but here is living proof, American made and still doing the job.  We can get the job done, we just have to focus, apply ourselves, cut the fat, and roll up our sleeves.  America can still be all that she is supposed to be … saying we are in the dumper, well, that dog just doesn’t hunt …We did it before … and we can do it again.


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  1. They were beautiful creatures the old WWII birds. As for America being all it can be . . . I think most of us would like nothing more than the opportunity. If we could just get the corporate greed factory to understand . . . cheap is not necessarily better and the middle class has something to offer besides our tax dollars. Sorry about the soap box.
    No, on the contrary, great comment. All of life is a soapbox one way or the other. I used to have someone (think it was whitepaintedwoman) who said this was a “soapbox” type of site, or she had a list of soapbox type blogs?).

    Comments I find are the “meat on the bone” in all this, I find them interesting and often informative. In a way they are also a mystery, you will go to a site where you don’t find much going on at all, but it is LOADED WITH COMMENTS and then there are people who post every day and never receive a thing.

    Lopsided and often unfair, but that is the nature of the beast. But I digress. I also share your viewpoints on the above to just about a “T.” Whatever that means, you do realize I mix my own prescriptions dontcha?

    Glad you stopped by ……



  2. I like the thought behind today’s post. We didn’t have any war veterans in our family, but Grandpa Scott was one of the proudest American’s I ever knew. He was a Danish immigrant. He came to America at the age of 16 on a cargo ship, hoping for a better way of life. His family in Denmark disowned him as a result. He had a dream and he held firm to that. He heard that could happen in America. He worked on various farms, moving across the upper Midwest until he found land to purchase and made his life as a farmer. He was a proud and appreciative American. He often reminded us of how fortunate we were to live in such a great country.

    We did do it before… and I believe we can do it again. It’s going to take a lot of focus and getting back to basics. The current attitude of gluttony, greed, and arrogance with an “every man for himself” way of thinking won’t do. Expecting others to do it won’t do. It’s going to require everyone doing their part.
    That’s the attitude! Let their be a revival of the American Spirit and let it start here. Yeahsus!

    We do need to rid ourselves of this “what’s in it for me” and get back to the old saying … “Ask not what your country can do for you … but what YOU can do for your country” type of attitude.

    Thanks for checking in … Nice comment, you write good comments gurl.

    We are also glad you enjoyed the piece (almost tickled pink, but not quite actually), tomorrow we will have something for everyone, a new way to celebrate Christmas in America and it is designed to bring dignity and respect back to the Heartland … tell all your friends.



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