Didja Feel It … Didja huh …

Oklahoma had some nice sized earthquakes this weekend, one of them above 5.0 on the Richter scale, which means some of the stuff on the shelf, is now on the floor.  We seem to be having them kind of regular now. Never thought of this part of the country as Earthquake Central, but it has happened before. (We had one just last year around this time)

While we are on the subject?

The strongest recorded quake in the history of the United States was just up the road from here in a little place called New Madrid, Missouri.

A earthquake so strong that sections of the Mississippi River ran backwards for a time, and it rang church bells in Boston over 800 miles away.  This earthquake over the weekend was reported to have been felt as far away as Ohio.  Not bad, that is certainly Eastbound and Down in my book.  If you want more info on the New Madrid quake please use the link below.

You can find more information on it here.

I would even venture to predict that there will be even more of them in the future.  Why?  Because everyone who ever made a dime in the oil business is out and about, punching holes in the Oklahoma prairie in search of the black gold elixir that America runs on …. Oil and Natural Gas.  They are frac’ing(sp) the earth with huge amounts of drilling mud, and ocean’s of water in search of this mineral.  Sooner or later, something is going to have to give.  This might just be the start of it.  Here is another link to a website that has some good information on this also:  SFSK8Girl has posted an interesting link to drilling and frac’ing.

Now on top of living in the Worst Weather Capitol of the World, we have another proud distinction … other than Noodling For Catfish … Dippin Snuff … OU Football …

We now have Earthquakes


Toby Keith.

(Eat your heart out America!)


One thought on “Didja Feel It … Didja huh …

  1. This was the second best earthquake I’ve experienced. The one in October 2010 was awesome. We were in the Norman, OK area, just 5 miles from the epicenter. It sounded a lot like screeching metal and grinding. LIke a big truck loaded with boulders hit the building we were in. It was exciting. I love the turbulent spring weather too. Oddly, we have a chance for tornado weather in this part of the state this autumn day. I’m stoked!!
    Have not had that much excitement since Uncle Mike stepped on a garden rake and it come up quickly, smacking him smack-dab between the eyes, and then he started dressing in women’s clothing for a long time afterwords!

    Shake, rattle and roll. We have some cracks in the garage that were not there before and it was an eye opener for sure. Now today, in the southwest, we have circulation and here it comes … Thundergarbage. Oklahoma the extreme (bad) weather capitol of the world. Here it comes! Run for the fraidy hole Ma and grab your purse on the way.

    Now repeat after me … I like it here … I like it here … You dog-gone rights, I like it here.



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