Regrets … Looking Back

One of my all time favorite movies is “Bucket List.”  I watch it often, and I never tire of the storyline or the characters.  Bucket List is a movie about living life and fulfilling your hopes, your dreams, all those little things you neglected to do on your journey thru time.

Bucket List is also to some extent a movie about regrets, all those little things that did not make the grade, items that fell off the agenda because you were too busy making a life, to enjoy life.  Those magical moments in time, now relegated to the back burner of the stove.

Today I thought we might take a moment or two, so we could talk about regrets, have any?

Some will tell you that a man (or a woman for that matter) will have more regrets toward the end of their life.  Regretting what it is that should have been, what could have been, all the things they wanted to do, but somehow did not get around to doing it.

Then there are those that will say that regrets come at the beginning of life, when you want to do something, but are for some reason too timid, shy or afraid to do so.  I suppose we all have our own share of regrets.

Some folks are of the school of thought that suggests that if you are at peace with your own soul, then heaven and earth will be at peace with you.  I regret that it was not I, that said that first.

Here is my short list …..

  • One of the things I regret in life is the fact that I did not do a lot of skinny dipping with all those young, supple, well endowed, bow-legged women in high-school, and now much older and graduated, wish I had done more of that.  Her clothes and my clothes, hangin from the same limb.  Summer breeze and plenty of time … I truly wish I had more good healthy outdoors shenanigans on those Indian Summer afternoons in twelfth grade and regret not doing just that. 
  • I regret not running for President of the United States, I believe I could have “effected a change” or at least done as well as the current elected person that we have now. 
  • I regret not using Dial Soap and wish that everyone else did.
  • I regret always being in a hurry to leave Montana and wish I were there right now.  
  • I regretted not turning off the drivers heat on the bus last week, when I went to use it this weekend, the batteries were dead and I was homesteaded for the weekend. 
  • I regret sending in the VISA payment on the 27th, because it was due on the 26th, and that cost me $25. 
  • When she asked me “Do these pants make me look big?” I regret saying …. Oh, well you get the drift, dontcha?

Comments section is open, tell us what you think.  We promise we won’t beat you up too bad.  What do you regret, other than landing on this site today, and my consuming eight to ten minutes of your time?