Our trailer is 22′ long, has 10,000# axles, 16″ tires and six lug wheels and electric brakes.  It has a tongue weight of around 400# and the overall weight of the trailer is 4650# (this does not include the tow car).  It sports a five color paint scheme, the primary colors being Pewter and Smoke Gray.  We have added numerous items to the trailer, light bars, led lights, wheels, mudflaps, chrome accessories and a host of other items.

Rear shot with the door down ready for loading.

The door drops down (has a flap that laps over, not shown) and entry to the trailer is pretty straight forward.  If you click on the photo you can see the light bar at the top of the trailer, this is a truck accessory adapted to fit the trailer, I wired it up to the “brake light side” so it is extremely bright.  All of the stock factory lights were removed from the trailer and replaced with LED’s.  It has a total of some 40 led’s on the exterior and over six hundred on the bottom (the entire bottom is outlined or shadow lighted from under the trailer).  This feature we affectionately refer to as “Pimp Lights.”  I don’t have a shot of both, but I do have one of the coach, the coach and the trailer compliment each other now, and are a matched set.

This will give you some idea as to what we are talking about here.

Side entrance door.

The bars across the back are from Utility Trailer in OKC and they are commonly found on the back of their reefer models.  I put them on to break up the door because I did not like the appearance of a solid chrome door, wanting something different, I purchased a set of these, brought them home, cut them to fit and then attached them to the rear of the trailer with screws and snap caps.

close up view of door bars

Clicking on the photo, you can see the six 12″ led’s that we added to the trailer door, these are marker-brake-turn signal applications.  I buy them from Eagle Interiors in Oklahoma City, which is a truckers chrome shop.  Only four of the six light up as marker, the others are turn signals and when the brakes are applied then they ALL COME ON and people know what it is that you are up to.

Click on the photo for details, double click on it and you get an extreme close up view.  It also has dual turn signals (led) and brake lighting all away across the bottom of the door.  The wheels are as close as I could find to Alcoa’s which we run on the bus, and they are 16″ with six-hole lugs.  I bought the tires and the wheels, most of my lights from the trailer distributor that we ordered the trailer from in Oklahoma City.  The wheel wells were also painted Smoke Grey and detailed out.

All the screws in the trailer and on the exterior of the trailer sport snap caps.  I removed each and every one and replaced them one at a time.  You can order the caps on the Internet and after 1,000 you get a real nice price break.  Normally they run about .40 cents each in a truckstop or chrome shop, ordering off the internet you can cut them down to less than .10 cents.  There are a little over 1200-1300 of the large type on the trailer, and the inside was 800-900 I believe.  But who’s counting?

Roof vents were painted also and front and rear caps in some area’s.  Altogether, the entire project took about three months to complete during the winter of 2011.  It was an on-going thing, most days it got worked on, if I was not running down parts and odd’s and ends.  Do not know what the total labor hour figure might be, but it was considerable.  It has three coats min. on most of the interior paint work and in some area’s five coats, just depending on what it turned out to be in the end, if it didn’t cut it in three, then it got more.

Pulls real nice, the bus for the most part, having an V892T Detroit doesn’t really strain all that much to pull it under load and it actually improved the ride of the coach.  The only apparent drawback to the entire thing is it kind of dooms you to truck-stops and/or Walmart on overnight parking.  It can be a hassle at some campgrounds, so you have to be selective when choosing one.  But there are tradeoff’s in every aspect of life, it works for us, and I am glad we did it.

Only one thing wrong with it … It is too Damn Heavy … And it sure aint the 3100# they told me it would weigh.



Opt Me Out

Every now and then, I am invited “to join Facebook” happened again this week, and as always, I declined.  Yesterday as I opened up my email box it was right there on top, I received but another “invite” to friend up or join Facebook.

Now some would jump at the opportunity, but I will do what I always do with them, I will tactfully decline and here is why.   I just don’t do Facebook, or Twitter, David Letterman or Jay Leno.  I am more or less a disinclined recluse and do not operate well in social settings (Internet or otherwise).  Call me old school, but I tend to keep it confined to the pages here and I don’t take my information and spread it around the internet willingly.

Last year Facebook was rumored to be going down the tubes and everyone rushed to download everything that they had put up (of a personal nature) before the crash and demise.  Like Lemmings running to the very edge of the precipice they all lined up to take advantage of what time they thought they had left.  

But the hoax did not materialize.  Facebook survived.  

Last week my sister sent me an email warning of impending doom, this time again, on Facebook with some kind of super virus that was going to wipeout mankind and take their hard-drives with them.  It turns out the warning is part of the hoax.  

Again … It did not happen.

Facebook is not on or even near the top of my list for life, because it takes privacy into the open arena of society and not only promotes people to give it up, but asks for and seeks information of all sorts on the individual players.  Which in turn gets sold off or distributed to outside interests.  

They tell people that the new sharing functions that they have installed will help them to “tell the story of their lives.”  This is accomplished by allowing users to tell their friends in real time what they’re reading watching, hearing, eating and consuming.  Log on, and you’ll get a flood of updates on what all your Facebook buddies are doing … at that instant in time.

Now do you really want to know that I am sitting here in my underwear typing this? 


As a friend of mine is fond of saying …. TMI (too much information)

Information which Facebook would take and fine tune to their advantage and then much like Goggle point or direct even more advertisements my way.  Meanwhile we all sit around and gripe about the changes they make and in the end, we adapt and accept them, we move on.

Two things life has taught me.  

Number One:  If you don’t like something, and they ask you what it is that you do not like, and you tell them.  Then expect MORE of that in the future.  You see, “If you tell a man where it is that you tie up your goat at night, sooner or later, he will come by and steal it.”

Number two:  Facebook is in this to make money and you are in reality not the customer … You are sadly … the product.  The more you tell them, the more they have to sell, and believe it or not.  It will get sold. 

Facebook’s 800 million free users are not the real customers here, it is the companies that line up and actually pay for your data and everything down the pike that you put up.  That is why I don’t do Facebook and will always opt out.  What privacy I have left (and these days it isn’t much) I am going to guard and protect.

So, thank you so much for the invite, but I am going to pass.  If you want another take on all this, head over to Middleagedangrywoman and check out what she has to say about it.