I’m Sexy And I know It

As the week moves slowly towards the weekend, I am once again, thankful.  If there was no such thing as a weekend, I do believe, I would have to invent it.  It has been just that kind of week for me, and I am ready for some rest.

Today was a bad day, medicine that the doctor has ordered for me makes me ill, sometimes the cure is worse than the disease it seems.  It makes me nauseous, dizzy and one of the ill side effects is explosive diarrhea … which translates to slick, slicker and get the hell out of my way!

Today was as I said, a bad day for all of it.  I guess this is why they refer to it as “practicing medicine.” 

They are going to get it right one way or the other.

On another health related issue, I am reading where if you sleep with your pets, that this could be a bad move on your part.  They have discovered that people who sleep with their pets in bed are generally speaking, less healthy than those who do not.

Your pet will bring other parasites to bed, fleas, ticks, other small creepy things that crawl in the night and they in turn bite you and transfer the illness to you.  (And here I sat, thinking I would not have anything appropriate or scary for Halloween this year)

So Lassie or Fluffy could be (unwillingly) passing onto you bad health in their nocturnal visits to your last sanctuary of rest.  It would seem that Man ‘s Best Friend, could be just a tad less than that, if you sleep with him.  Taking this all one step further (as I often prone to do) I guess long wet kisses directly on the mouth are out of question too.

Cat Lovers unfortunately are not much better off.

All of you internet folks who have cats are not immune or safe.  Now you have something else to worry about other than the occasional hairball.  Funny how things work out isn’t it?  All those times, when my Daddy admonished me, “Son, if you lie down and sleep with a dog, you are going to get up smelling like one.”  Turns out he was ahead of his time (in dog years I suppose) and right as rain.  Been one of those weeks, like I said, “Glad it is almost the weekend.”

I went to the barbershop yesterday and they had a sign in the window and it read:  “You can have sexy hair, for $13.99.”  So the girl said, “What will it be today?” and I mentioned the sign in the window and she smiled and said, “Yeah, that is funny isn’t it?”  So I told her, “Take it off the ears, block it in back and leave the top alone.”  (Don’t want anyone messing with the two hairs that I have left up there).

I don’t care what she says, “There is something deep in my DNA that tells me I that am too sexy for my height … some of us have it and some of us don’t”   Friday in the country, I am now $13.99 ahead of the game … like a sheep ready for the slaughter, freshly shorn and ready for the weekend, I eagerly await my fate with great anticipation.

See Y’all on Monday … (Okie Talk)