Weekend Drill

Now there are winners and losers in life, that in itself, is a given.  Like the guy who was down on his luck, nothing was working for him, and when his IPOD stopped functioning, he called the service help line for some assistance. 

But somehow, mistakenly, he got some suicide prevention hot-line in Pakistan and when he blurted out all his problems, they asked him if he could drive a truck, and when he said “Yes.” they got all excited.

Reach out … Reach out … Reach out and kill somebody!

Bad week for terrorism, with the news that a suicide bomber planning an attack on Moscow was blown to bits when an unexpected text message to a cell phone attached to the bomb detonated it.  The message was from her phone-service provider, wishing her a happy birthday.

Is that poetic justice or what?

Have you ever noticed these motorcycles going down the road with an attached trailer?  I saw one this weekend, and I got to thinking about it.  “I mean, if you have to take that much stuff with you … wouldn’t it be a better deal to just buy a car?”

Don’t you think that it kind of takes away from the “ultimate freedom of the open road” and the adventure on life’s highway mystique that a lot of these pretend bikers seem to portray.

We went junking this weekend, we like to get out on Saturday’s and hit the garage sales, see what folks are selling off, look for a bargain or that “thing that I just cannot live without.”  It seems a new attitude has hit the market place, garage sales used to be people unloading too much stuff.  Now it appears that folks are selling just about everything to generate funds, that it isn’t like it used to be, kind of desperate now.

This one guy had this old bus for sale, definitely the biggest thing we happened to come across, he wanted to know what it was worth … I told him “not much.”  Which considering the circumstances, was about as honest as I could be.

Money is tight, and times are hard, and if you can’t get anything for it, you might as well just keep it.  It is no small wonder.  We build roads in countries where people ride a donkey to town for their staples, we send politicians to the oil rich states to negotiate for us instead of businessmen.  We have troops in 147 countries world wide.

Look around, every state in the nation is experiencing problems, you read the daily paper and every other page has some kind of article on “tax increases” or funding problems.  The office of comptroller in Illinois admitted it’s “a deadbeat state,” so cash starved that it has hiked income tax rates by some 66% and simply stopped paying the $6 billion it owed to schools, pharmacies, and a host of other creditors.  California, once the fifth largest economy in the world, is fending off vendors with IOU’s and Arizona has sold off it state House and Senate buildings and stopped covering organ transplants for Medicaid patients.

Now I understand there is a big push on to get “Mexicans to purchase a home in this country.”  Part of the new deal, “you buy a house and we give you a visa.”  Desperate times call for desperate measures I guess.  Next thing you will possibly hear will be the return of the NINJA loans, so popular with bankers a few years ago.

NINJA = No Income, No Job, No Assets.

Nothing worth a snap on at the local Cinema, so we headed down town for a bowl of spaghetti and a trip to the local comedy store.  So, for lack of any other suitable venue to take our minds’ off the current round of insanity coming out of Washington, we headed out to the big city.

Driving the eighteen miles to town Saturday night we eventually ended up at a comedy club downtown.  One of the headliners was a hypnotist.  I guess he was pretty good, but I felt sorry for the act I saw.  He hypnotized five guys on stage and then dropped the mike on his foot and said, “Well Nuts … Screw Me!”

What happened next will haunt me forever.

Monday morning, I got those wake up its early, wash behind your ears they’re dirty, eat your eggs and oatmeal rush to work blues.  Another promise of an exciting week here in the heartland is on the horizon.

See you at the water cooler.


3 thoughts on “Weekend Drill

  1. Maybe you should get that second bus to help fill your spare time.
    Would that be before or after the divorce? I bring home another bus and I am dead-meat for sure. Thanks for your comment James.


  2. Garage sales and Motorcycles: Up MY Alley…so did you hear today they are recalling Harleys for something to do with the bad breaks on them? I will not buy anything new, ask my family I am the resale shop and garage sale Guru. Bless you
    Nope did not hear that one. I used to ride a Harley in my youth, but gave them up long ago. Got tired of riding in ditches (Okies run motorcycles off the road) and just figured it was too dangerous. We do the garage sale thing every other week or so, depending.

    Thanks for commenting.



  3. I used to go to auctions every weekend in my former life as an antique dealer, but I burned out on it. I still have to fight the urge to acquire other people’s junk. The chair and footstool in your garage sale picture look pretty good.

    Happy Monday!
    Hey that is pretty good. We go about every other week or so, I am the heaver and she is the stuffer. Mainly I just drive the truck. Thanks for the comment.



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