One thought on “Bob

  1. You know, you can make that link a hyperlink. You got NEW POST and type the title of your post in. Write in the body anything you want to say. Then click on the icon for INSERT VIDEO. Then it says you can upload from computer OR, THE CENTRE TAB ALLOWS YOU TO TYPE IN A URL. When you do that, you click INSERT INTO POST and you get a thumbnail of your video and a hyperlink for a post.

    Just letting you know in case you didn’t realise, as it makes it more interesting. See you :)
    I appreciate the input, I tried what it is that you said to do, and it did not work for some strange reason. I had it one time, and then it quit. Computers, go figure? I agree …. but in this case, it just did not happen.

    Thanks for stoppin’ by and commenting.



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