Duck Your Head …

There are days when I literally wish a comet would come and take me out.  Just end my pain, do it now, quickly and with a certain degree of finality.  Russian scientists have been warning for a little while, that a 26-million ton asteroid called Apohphis might crash into the earth on April 13, 2036.  First thing I thought, “Oh-oh, another Friday the 13th ruse, but if it happens or when it supposed to happen it will be on a Sunday.”


So we have, if the story is correct (I kinda doubt it), a huge piece of real estate hurtling thru space at a fantastic rate of speed.  I would like Species Ending Events for $100 Alex.  This of course will cause giant tsunamis, global chaos, and the death of tens of millions of people.

But lucky for us here in the good ole USA, we have NASA, the same people who put into orbit a huge camera that takes somewhat fuzzy pictures and misplaced (lost) a lunar rover on the planet Mars.  They say their calculations indicate that Apohphis path will be a near miss, with its chances of hitting the Earth at 250,000 to 1.  Here is another take on it if you care to read more?   Everyone mark your Mayan Calendar.  Oh by the way, they are now saying that the Mayan Calendar is virtually flawed and could be off as much as six months or more.  On some days it just doesn’t pay to get outta bed, y’know it?

While we are the topic of numbers, how about this.

Who is doing what … with you know what … to you know who … and YOU voted for them!

An analysis of 20 years of politicians’ sex scandals reveals that Republicans have slightly more of them … some 34 since 1990, compared with only 27 for the Democrats.  Republicans have had more scandals that involve prostitutes, politicians claiming to stand for “family values,” seem to lean towards underage boys.  Democrats scandals are more likely to involve female staffers, sexual harassment and underage girls.  Of course most of us know the problem here.  Love is the answer, but while you are waiting for the answer, sex raises some pretty good questions.

While we are on the subject of bottom-feeders.

Here is a mix of the good and the bad.  Wild oysters are in decline world wide and are now somewhat rare and expensive.  This is due to overharvesting, pollution and disease.  85% of all wild oyster beds are now believed to be functionally extinct.  Three quarters of the worlds surviving wild oysters now live in just five regions of North America, out of the five, only one was found to be healthy.  So I guess we can all count on seeing the elected boys in Washington DC voting in a big subsidy for the folks that make Viagra or Ceallis … The natural stuff isn’t going to be available much longer.

This afternoon, I am standing in the express line at China-World (20 items or less) watching this lady unload AN ENTIRE GROCERY CART stuffed to the point of being over-flowing and all I can think of is ……..C’mon comet.

Have a good weekend, or don’t, it’s still your choice.