Open Comment

Often I will find myself wondering where all the comments are?  Can you end a sentence like that?  For me, all of this is in the comments, and when they do not come, it gets a little frustrating.  Or in other words, when do we resurrect the dead around here (figuratively speaking, no offense intended), when does this joint come alive.

Let’s have a pep rally!

CMT is playing Kenny Chesney, Whiskey On My Mind, song of the year in 2007.  Now that is country for ya.  A whiskey drinking, double suicide song to lift you up and carry you along for the day.  Maybe we need a good dose of the new single with Carrie Underwood, Revive Me.  Just thinking outside the box again, sorry.  I just know I want to feel better!  Yeahsus.

C’mon people post something! …. Jump in, the water is just fine.  Favorite song in the sixties …. Why I Hated Gym period …  Who was it that concocted that foul smelling stuff in science class. Try and hold it to under, uh, uh, 1,400 words.

Whether or not you consider yourself a storyteller or not, isn’t all that important.  It’s time to do the best you can at practicing that art.  I say this for a couple of reasons.  (You need the practice and I need the contact)

And perhaps if you do this one thing, you will discover.  The people you encounter will have a special need to hear about your adventures in redemption, the riddles that have fueled your quest, and the mysteries that have pushed you to the very ragged edge of your understanding.  You will experience an incredible rush from sharing reaching out and helping another.  We are ALL STORYTELLERS in our own rights.  You don’t have to be a professional wordsmith to make this happen, that is the best part of it.

And finally ….  As you talk about those adventures, riddles and mysteries, you will give yourself the exact boost you need to open fully to the next great story of your life, your next grand adventure.

Which is …..  Which child do you trust to pick out your Nursing Home?

Anyway, it would be nice, as you venture into this corner of my life, that you might leave a comment or two, a little milepost reminder that you came my way this day, and you stopped to browse and rest in the peace of our little watering hole.