Be Patient

Be Patient     .. Yeah, that is a hoot.

We were all standing in line, waiting on the lift to start working, it was cold in Vail, Colorado.  The air was a sharp as a new razor blade and it cut you to the marrow of your bone.  When you are just standing there, doing nothing, the cold creeps up on you very quickly.  A regular “memory maker” for sure.

I looked at the guy that was acting like he was in charge and inquired of him, “Hey man, when is this lift going to start running?” and he said, “Be patient.”

So I said, “Yeah?  It has been an hour, and I bought a LIFT TICKET not an exercise in patience.”

So tonight, during a lull in ABC’s Dancin’ With The Stars (Shoot me, someone please, just shoot me!) I went cruising the net and I see where some poor slob is being chastised for wondering where his errant magazine might be?  His answer?  The old “it might be in the box and it might not be there gambit” is being played again.  Which frankly, is getting to be a bit lame and tired after all this time.

Having said that, I will now say this.  When I sign up for a two year subscription to a magazine, I want the magazine, I don’t want empty promises or excuses or reasons why I should be thankful and life is so wonderful, if you are not happy, go out and buy a puppy and other non-related tripe.

So for the record, I want the same thing this guy wants.  I want what it is that I paid for … nothing more … nothing less.

Here it is.  October, and we are sitting on the peg again … “Where is it?” (the magazine)  The last one I saw was so long ago, I cannot remember the month nor the date.  I guess I could have sent but another email to inquire where it might be?  But what is the use, the last one (email) went unanswered, so screw it.  Anyway I am missing my hobby magazine and I am wondering what the excuse is going to be this time?

For What It Is Worth: 

Mounting someone who asks where is it, is really not the answer to the problem, it solves nothing.

This is one primary reason I am no longer a dues paying member of bus boards, they are openly hostile and most of the time, non-tolerant of other peoples feelings and/or opinions.  Right here, is a prime example of it.  So in conclusion, I will throw this one out on the porch and see if the cat will lick it up?

I didn’t sign up for patience … I signed up for a magazine.


Little minds are tamed and subdued by misfortune; but great minds rise above them.

Washington Irving