Dinner Date

Friday, the weekend.  I suppose a great many of you will be going out tonight, payday, tight-shoe-money night, and eating out in your favorite bistro or eatery.  My-my how we like to eat here in our home-state.  Oklahoma is now ranked third in the nation in obesity, thank gawd for Mississippi and Alabama!  We have so many heavy people walking around here, that the mere sight of someone who is average or thin, is almost rare.  Most of them eat at the local buffet (which stands for Big Ugly Fat Folks Eating Together – Don’t send me any letters) and we have no shortage of hamburger joints or Chicken Fried Steak and Curly Fries.

A new study has just been released that has some good news for all of us who are constantly worrying about our weight.  This new study indicates that for martial happiness, it is not all that critical for a woman to be thin, she just needs to be thinner than her mate.  So you don’t have to diet anymore girls, you can hang that old sweat suit on the stationary bike and just serve up Harvey a second course.

University of Tennessee researchers monitored 185 married couples (newlyweds) over a period of four years tracking their marital satisfaction via questionnaires.  Now this is where I have a problem with this, as I don’t believe questionnaires to be all that scientific in nature.

Too easy to lie about something on a questionnaire.

Men are not satisfied by how much a woman (mate) weighs and they did not pay a lot of attention to absolute terms, but did closely track to whether their wives were thinner than they were.  The study seems to point out one fact, “men do not really care how much their wives weigh, as long as they perceive them to be thinner than they are.”

Strange how men and women look at things so much differently isn’t it?  The phrase “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus” is often used as a prime example.  Here is a video sample of what I am talking about here Dinner Date  (be forewarned this link …  Dinner Date contains adult subject matter).

Let’s face facts. 

We are not the young buff, robust treasures we used to be (I am certainly not even close any more) and what we eat, determines our shape.  And we all know:  “In America.  It is either, illegal, immoral or fattening.”  I am sticking with Paula Deen and enjoying life.  “It don’t have no sugar in it y’all, little gunpowder and some corn syrup.”  Which is good news for me, the last time I stepped up on our talking scale in the bathroom it said:  “Come back when you are alone.” 

Pass me another rib from that basket Hon, and no, those pants don’t make you look fat at all.

Bon Appetite.


Kudo’s to Jimmy Wo for the link.