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A NEW LOOK In choosing a new appearance for Creative Endeavors, the possibilities were almost endless. has a good selection of templates available that are free.  Finally settling on this one.

IT’S ABOUT TIME:  I note that time seems to be a big issue with me as I grow older, funny how it is that we take it for granted and at the same time, waste or squander a large percentage of it.  Yesterday I timed my computer (the slowest one) as it booted up.  It took it 48.8 seconds to make the trip, from start-up to internet page.  But in my mind, it took forever.

Later on I am watching television and they advertise for a diabetes blood-sugar meter, “gives you results in less than five seconds.”  Now really, is life so hectic, so chaotic, that we no longer can spare five seconds?  Give me a break.  Here is one more, then we will move on.

Have you ever noticed that as you grow older, time becomes more valuable?  When you are young, time is a thing that is always in the way, you want it to escalate to increase in value, you wish desperately to be older.  “I am five and one-half,” or “I am almost thirteen.”  Thru your preteen years, you cannot wait for age to come alive in your life, so you can date, so you can graduate, so you can vote and have a drink.  Then comes marriage, love, the family, and somehow it all becomes one gentle blur upon the mind.

Then one day, without really noticing, you are here, at the crossroads, no longer young and not quite that old (at least in your mind you don’t think so) and you wonder where it all went?  That is a scary thing to some folks.

Take some “time today to tell someone that “you love them.”

10 Razones por la que la reforma inmigratoria es importante para nuestra economía, by Angela Maria Kelley, Philip E. Wolgin
10 Reasons Why Immigration Reform Is Important to Our Fiscal Health, by Angela Maria Kelley, Philip E. Wolgin

Look at the above, both articles written by the same authors.  And we wonder why it is immigrants legal or otherwise, cannot (or will not learn) our language?  Why should they, we bend over backwards to accommodate them and they in turn, pay no taxes, do not blend in, and sign up for every benefit they can hustle up.

SNORT SNORT HAVE ANOTHER TOOT:  This has to be true, I mean, “I read it on the internet”.  Three teenagers who broke in to a Florida home and snorted the cremated remains of the owner’s father and two dogs.  Police said the teens confessed to having both snorted and tasted the remains because “they mistook the ashes for either heroin or cocaine”.  They found out the truth when they read a newspaper story about the burglary.  I believe most of it, except the part where they said they “read a newspaper article” about the burglary.  I mean, let’s face it folks, these aint honor students here, I am really impressed they could even read.  Another scathing indictment against public education has been filed.

SAY AHHHHHHHH:  Remember that scene in Field Of Dreams where Kevin Costner hears a voice and it says to him … “Ease His Pain.”  Well a German dentist bought low-cut dirndl dresses for herself and her nurses to distract patients.  The sight of cleavage gets patients narcotized and distracted from the pain rather quickly it is said.  There is another way to ease your pain, if you dentist is a male.  You reach down between his legs, grab yourself a generous helping of skin (and other body parts) and then quietly say to him … “We’re not going to hurt each other right Doc?”

ARMED IN PROVO:  Lawmakers in Utah have proposed making the semiautomatic Browning pistol the official “state gun”.  Now I thought Okies were bad, they passed a law that guns are not to be taken into a church.  Gun control groups say that would be in poor taste, but sponsors say the gun “has defended American values and the traditions of this country for a hundred years.”

As I watch the news each evening and find myself receiving another good dose of “American Values” I feel it is not only appropriate for Utah but everywhere else, to lock & load.  I have had so much American Value and other Washington DC based tripe shoved down my throat, that frankly, I don’t think I can afford any more.


Cartoon courtesy of Center For American Progress Online.

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