Can’t You See?

Today is my birthday, I am now sixty-four years old.   I thought I might wake up a little bit more wiser, know a lot more about things in general, and receive some kind of new-found wisdom or knowledge.  It did not happen.  One thing that did happen however, is this, “I changed the look and feel of the webpage and brought about a totally new look to it.”

Just got to thinking that I needed to chart a new course to steer … So I thought about it and then I made some changes.  It is my sincere hope that more changes are on the horizon for this page, it could use a facelift, my life could use one too.  Things in general, here lately, have not been on the upper end of the scale, and this is my feeble attempt at possibly correcting some of this.

Most of us think too much, let’s face it, we mull everything too death on these internet boards or sites.  Often I think I am trapped in a thick mixture of Dello 100 (heavy duty motor oil used in Diesel engines) and I am going down for the last time.  Naw, that aint right.  I often think I am in the midst of a swarm of killer bee’s outside of Bisbee, Arizona, all of them flying about my head and shoulders, occasionally stinging me with precision.

Okay, having established that I am somewhat close to clinically insane, I will continue.

My entire understanding of the world (my world, not yours) is based on my thoughts, which are generated by my emotions, which are generated by …. well, I guess by stuff that happens to me.  Look it in the concept of a huge mental filter, I weigh my options, I look over each and every emotion, event, and then make my decisions.  Which is most likely, what you do too.  Probably since we were infants, none of us have directly perceived the world we live in.  First off, you need to remember, you need to know how to perceive something, this is important.  Back in the sixties, it was called “really into it” or “getting into it.”

Today it is “wrapping your head around it.”  I suppose this infers to mean to be totally with that thing, as opposed to observing and thinking about it. It’s a duality issue. Here’s me, here’s you. here’s me, here’s the sofa. Ya dig where this is going?

In my case, the sixties model works just fine for me.  Back in the day when we  all were walking through life in a dream state that is, at best, a fun-house mirror-image of what was really out there.   Now days, it is a much different ballgame, you get all these mixed signals.

Take my wife, she says to me “Hon, what would make you happy? and I reply, “Kiss me in a place I have never been kissed.”

And she gets that look on her face and says …. “Salt Lake City?”

It makes you think, doesn’t it?  Please note I said, “it makes you think about it” and of course, I did not say “you had to believe it.”


2 thoughts on “Can’t You See?

  1. Happy Birthday!

    Why thank you George, that was nice of you. You have a good day or a reasonable facsimile of one anywho?



  2. Happy Belated Birthday! I hope your day was mellow
    Nice day here at the Goat Farm Teresa, nothing out of the ordinary.
    Thank you,



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