Kampin World

The monkey loves brown rice, he knows that if he reaches into the tube and puts his hand in the plate for the brown rice, he is going to get shocked, but he does this, time after time. Why?

Because like I said, the monkey never learns and of course … he loves brown rice.

It is hot, very hot and traffic is bad.  I hate coming to the city, I hate it even more when I get stuck there for “rush hour.”  Which is a misnomer if I ever heard of one, why it is called “rush hour” when everyone moves at a very slow pace, is simply beyond me.

Walking into the dead as a graveyard Camping World store, I search in vain for two things I am looking for.  One is some kind of help, there seems to be none available, and the other is the item I came to purchase to begin with.  A little 12 volt rocker switch on a chrome plate.

After a little searching I locate high up on a rack four little 12 volt rocker arm switches on chrome plates, $5.00 and some change (each).  I grab two and head for the checkout.  At the checkout, I find no one there to take my money, so I patiently stand there, fish out some singles from my pocket and then I hear a voice say “I can help you over here.”

Turning and looking in the direction of the voice, I spy a rather portly heavy set woman at a service counter, motioning me to come her way.  She wants me to come over to her, I guess so she won’t have to waddle over to my location to do the sale.

She takes the two items from me and says, “Are you a member of the President’s club?” and I reply, “No.”  She then says, “Would you like to join?” and I reply, “No.”  She then says, “it could save you a LOT of money, if you were to join.”  I then for the third time say to her, “I am not interested.”

She then rings up the two items and barks at me, “telephone number and zip code.”  So I say to her, “What for?”  She says it is “required, and we need it.”  So I say, “No.”  (Which incidentally, I am getting really good at here lately.)  She then says, rather sternly this time, “telephone number and zip code.”

I then ask her a question, I say to her, “Is the word PLEASE in your vocabulary?”

This doesn’t make rather large woman very happy and she tells me flat out … “You will not get these items unless you supply me with a telephone number and a zip code!”  To which I replied, “People in hell want ice water, and YOU know what you can do with those two switches dontcha?”

I then turned, exited the store and left with her standing there holding the two items I went in there to fetch.  So, who is the clear cut winner here?  Not Kampin World, no sale for them, clearly not myself (I did not get the item I wanted).  This has happened before, but for some strange reason, I always go back for but one more dose of it.  Somehow believing things might have improved during my self-imposed exile.  But they never do.

As Clinton Eastwood is quoted as saying “Go Ahead Make My Day.”

Another Brain-Dead member of the species with opposing thumbs has been located.  This is a prime example of why Kamping World is in the dumper and going down the tubes, crap like this.  Lousy service and prices to match.  As I know it is frowned upon in some circles “to tell the truth about some of these vendors” so I will stop right here.

Moral of the story …….

All I had to do was tell her 525-00** (which is Dial A Prayer in Oklahoma City) and I doubt if she would have known the difference, just given her 94580 (my sister’s house in San Lorenzo, California) and I would have had the two switches.

But no …. You see the monkey never learns.

Kinda like what Dr. Phil sez …. “Do you wanna be right or do you wanna be happy?”  I guess I am just too old or too cranky to play the game anymore.  Now if you excuse me, I am going out to the shop, find me some trash aluminum and build my own switch and switch plates and the rest of it is history.

Every day in life is a learning process.  Some days are diamonds and some days are stone (from the song with the same lyric’s … child of the sixties, what can I say?)  Today I learned my lesson about Kamping World, and this during the television mandatory cooling off period:

According to PBS … When you drink Vodka over ice, it can give you kidney failure,  when you drink Rum over ice, it can give you liver failure, when you drink whiskey over ice, it can give you heart problems, and finally, when you drink Gin over ice, it can give you brain problems.

Apparently, ice is really bad for you.  Warn all your friends to stay outta Kampin World and lay off the ice.  Having documented my distaste and dissatisfaction with the entire mess, I will now cease to vent.

Have A Good Week.


2 thoughts on “Kampin World

  1. Far too many bussinesses in the U. S. are staffed today by people who think they are doing you a HUGE favor by allowing you the priveledge of buying from them. Hopefully, the management will contact you and appologize, and maybe offer a token gift certificate.
    Well I’ll be dipped, Dr. Steve! Your bus is looking good by the way, I ran over there to check out your website, doing well I hope? Thank you for your comment, and I agree with you 100%



  2. Businesses seem to have forgotten who rules. So have customers apparently. The one with the gold makes the rules. If they want your money, they need to cater to the customer. If they don’t, people should do like you did and walk away. Old fashioned, but right.
    Well, I am “old school for sure” James, and I am NOT going to give some nimrod my telephone number to purchase an item, if they don’t want the cash sale, then I will take it elsewhere. Thanks for checking in on this subject with your comment … Stay cool.



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