Long Week … Blues

Nothing echoes like an empty mailbox.

Too early in the morning for this, I could go on and on, as I am prone to do at these early hours of the day, but what would be the sense of it? I could lament about not getting any mail in the service and how I sat on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier in Viet Nam and just bawled like a baby after but one more mail call, and my name was not called.

But why would anyone in their right mind enjoy reading tripe like that. Enough of that, I just checked my day planner and “Celebrate Your Broken Heart Week” is not listed. It is easy, far too easy, for me to wallow in self-pity. Time to put some sugar or honey on the spoon. I believe this is the ideal spot to Suck It Up and Move On.

Often it is not easy being me.  Putting forth my finest effort to make me ready or presentable, much like a mother bear or father bear with new cubs.  Most of the time I find myself, sadly, just downright grouchy and hard to live with.  It is often thought in some cultures, people believe a bear cub is shapeless at birth … The mother and father bear, are thought to literally lick the newborn into shape with their tongues. The legend probably endures because few people who ever saw newborn bear cubs escaped with their lives.  So this week, I took a lickin’ and guess what, corny as it may sound, “I am still tickin.”

Standing at the sink, the tepid water feels wonderful, soothing on my tired old hands. We are so fortunate, to have warm water, a roof over our heads’ (a roof that doesn’t leak), a comfortable bed to sleep in at night. Lot of folks these day find themselves doing without a great many of these things.

Be grateful
Choose Positive Thoughts and Feelings
Use Uplifting and Encouraging Words
Acknowledge Others
Appreciate Yourself

Now in the beginning this morning, I didn’t start off all that “positive in my ramblings” but I am working on it. I have not mastered the process but with time, I am sure I will be able to do just that. This month I am going to completely alter the way I relate to myself, others, and the entire world that surrounds me.

Slowly I am discovering new people, forging fresh relationships, and picking up friends along the way. Things are looking up. It is not always easy to embrace a new life process. I am going to have to learn how to appreciate the good things in life, search out and find the rainbow in just about everything I possibly can. I am going to try and place myself on a true path to deep fulfillment and authentic happiness in my life.  In some cases it works out and it others, well, you know.

Whether or not, any of this is remotely possible in my case, remains to be seen. Is this worth shooting for? Is it is a goal that can be achieved and it is worthy of the effort. Only time will tell. May take an investment on my part and there could be few rewards.

But what else do I have to do?  I load up my cup with the fresh brew and I head out to my shop to work on the bus.

Like the wife sez ….

“Aw, I don’t mind. It seems to help him work things out when life is getting him down and it keeps him outta the beer joints.”