Sliced Thin

When my bride is a little ticked off at me, she will make me a Tuna Fish Sandwich and give me a little “time to think about things in general.” Now I don’t make the mistake of ticking her off very much, but I will say this, “over the years, while rolling on a River Of Love, I have eaten an OCEAN full of Tuna Fish!” Me and my Big Mouth have personally kept the U.S. Tuna Association afloat for many, many years.

The oldest kid dropped by the other day and I am sitting on the couch, watching something, I don’t remember what it was, and he sits down next to me, glances over, observes me eating my sandwich and says …… “What did you do this time Dad?”

Now, that just isn’t fair. Not at all. I told him, “Maybe I like a Tuna Fish sandwich every now and then, you ever think about that?”

Yeah, uh huh, that is what I told that kid. (aint none of his business anyway)

My gas bill came this week, half English/Half Spanish.  Kind of ticked me off.  We got to talking about this speaking English only thing. The Oklahoma City Police Department now requires new recruits to be bi-lingual and we were discussing it. I feel it is job discrimination and should not be allowed. I also don’t believe it would not hold up under legal challenge in court. We have a large population of Asian folks living here, but I don’t remember a big push to require officers to obtain that particular language skill.

I am personally sick of it, this Spanish/English only issue, but he (my kid) wanted to talk about it so we did. When you take time to stop and look it over, it is kind of silly. England, Australia, they speak English, but they are not Americans. I don’t see a lot of other countries around the world, making an issue of “what language” they should be speaking? Just us. Might even go as far as to say we might be looking rather foolish in the eyes of the rest of the world because of it.

Personally, I don’t agree with any of it. My two cents says, “forcing our young people” to adapt to Spanish as a second language is wrong. But that is my own personal viewpoint.

We are, as most know, a melting pot nation, assimilated from different cultures and countries. It might pay to mention that when the Greeks, the Italians, the French, German, Russian, all of these other immigrants, the Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, Irish and anyone else arrived here in this country, there wasn’t a concentrated effort put forth to adopt their respective languages.

What makes this a problem now is I guess “are the sheer numbers of one ethnic group” which are now amongst us. We are now the minority in this country, white, tax payers, most of us, speak English.

If some dumb A** political type wants me to learn Spanish, he (or she as the case may be) is flat out of luck. I am not. (I am to old, too lazy, and I have enough problems with English) Taking it one step further, I would venture to say, that I am in the majority when it comes to this, most American’s are not going to assimilate someone else’s culture and language. Contrary to popular opinion, it is just not the way we do things in this country.

If you show up at my garage sale and do not speak English, then you had best go find someone who does. If you cannot take my order at your business, then you lose the sale. If you cannot pay taxes and do not like it here, then go back where you came from.

Here is a novel idea, boldly assert yourself like you do here … Tell them what is wrong with their system, and see how you are treated.

Perhaps I am just getting old and cranky, but I am tired of all of it. It appears hopeless, it is far beyond immigration now, this is outright colonization. (When you come over, and then you bring the entire family over too, that isn’t immigration boys & girls, that is just the opposite) Blending in (assimilation) isn’t happening, changing of the culture, the society, even the country itself is.

As long as America appears to be the “El Dorado” (a place of fabulous wealth and opportunity) they are going to come. And like others before them, they will bring a “little piece of what they left behind with them.” Get used to it, it is here to stay. You cannot keep digging up a dead horse to see if it smells bad. It is time to move on.

Now if you will excuse me, I believe I have another Tuna Fish sandwich waiting on me in the kitchen. This time it’s that nasty old ugly toilet seat issue rearing its head again, but that is another post altogether.