Central Heat And Air Conditioning Bay – 2011

Over a period of about four weeks, I revamped the AC bay on the coach and radically changed it.  Most of the ac lines were old, had holes in them and some were actually hanging so badly they were close to the point of falling down.  None of them were insulated and I am sure that they were leaking and losing cool air.  One of the first things I had to do was make some more space, this meant, bending all of the delivery lines out of the way.  Luckily for me, my neighbor who is in AC/Heat had the proper tool to bend the lines without breaking them.  I enlisted his services for this chore.

Early on it was necessary to move these lines and disconnect the old heater lines which are laying in the floor next to the 1 ton unit.

Moving all of the lines in, gave me considerable more room for the box that was later to come.

Decided to make good use of the space, and built a mini-closet here.

Installed a new door and handle.

New filter material and a new screen

It was also necessary to build a new delivery box for one AC line as the old one was too large and bulky, it also got in the way of the other stuff that was still to come.  I fabricated a new box out of wood, much smaller, more compact and reduced the size considerably.  In the old setup, the AC line ran out of the backside of the box, swinging way out and making a 90* turn to the box.  The new box goes straight in, no bends, no turns, direct feed.

New box is considerably smaller in height.

The next step in the process was the refurbishing and relocating of the AC lines.  In the new setup, the air comes straight from the condensor and the second line, traverses thru the entertainment center (above the television) and into the wall for the register below the co-pilot seat in the coach.  This was boxed off, insulated, and then covered.

New AC channel insulation in place, new 4" feeder pip

insulation in place, new 4" feeder pipe

insulation in place

AC piping is now completely covered (6")

Finally, wood piece or cover is now put over the bottom and system is locked up and now in place.

boxed off and covered.

I then wrapped the other delivery lines in a plastic 3″ insulation material they call “Hot Water Heater Blankets.”  You wrap it around the piping and use 24″ tie downs to lock it in place.

Straight shot, direct, dryer connection clamps on the pipe.

Wrapping on both sides of condenser.

The box below the AC line is a spare headlight and led light storage case.  We carry a spare set of just about everything “just in case” and this wasn’t all that tough to come up with.  Needs a latch on the door and it will be finished.

A place for everything and everything in its place. May flip this, as I am not all that crazy about the door opening and all that. But this is it for right now.

Finished bay, a lot diffent now.

A big improvement from the beginning. Neat as a pin ... And all enclosed.

Ran it outside, turned it around and shot it back in … All ready for Monday.

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