One thing about diamond plate that you don’t care for (or at least I do not care for) is the maint. feature of it.  It looks really nice if it is kept up and polished out, but it is always a pain to do it.  For it to look good (all of the time) it requires a lot of one’s time.  So I decided to get rid of some of it.  I decided to take the after cooler area and paint it instead.  This is the end result of what was a short project with good results.

In June of this year, I decided to revamp all the bay areas of the bus.  It had been some time since any kind of attention was paid to these area’s and it proved to be a daunting sort of project, from one end of the old girl to the other.  One thing you find out very quickly is you need to mask off a lot of area’s in order to protect them from spray paint overspray.  This is a job in itself and I quickly learned to take another route or approach to the problem.

During this process it was necessary to refurbish the exterior doors, I found that it was much better to just take them off the body of the bus, carry them over to the workbench, work them up there and then reinstall later on after the paint dried.

Doing them in this fashion is a lot easier and works out well.  They were completely wire brushed, then sprayed with Smoke Gray and plastic caps added at the top to fill the square holes.  I picked them up from an Ornamental Iron Place in Okie City and all the hinges were oiled and checked out, any rust found was removed, but it was minimal.

While the doors were being painted, the aftercooler radiator was cleaned up and painted, all the area’s in the back of it were power washed and any excess lubricants that had spilled were removed.  All the hydraulic lines were checked and the fluid levels at this time also.

The end result was okay, and it did not take a lot of time to do it.

In the end, this is the finished project, all of the diamond plate has now been painted, the radiator also, screws were replaced with snap caps and the outside doors were revamped.  A few small rust area’s below the radiator were addressed and bondo’ed in.  Nice, clean and sanitary.  I don’t know if it was worth it, but it looks a lot better now, and it will be less maintenance for me.