Entertainment Center July 2011

In July 2011 I started in on the first bay of the bus, which was to eventually be an Entertainment Center.  This would include a 31 Inch High-Definition television, DVD Player and a Kenwood Receiver (AM-FM-CD-MP3-USB) and two speakers.  I also had at this time to re-route the air conditioning delivery piping, which was need of insulating and upgrading anyway.

The air condition re-routing is going to prove to be a challenge of sorts, there should be a way around it, but right now, it looks difficult at best.  The first thing that had to happen was a wall had to be built across the bay.

The new air will be routed thru a Insulated box and will be enclosed in its entirety.  This will increase the air temperature inside the coach from the house air, which has up until now been exposed in the alum lines with no insulation whatsoever.  This should be a major improvement, and as usual, “it was a tight fit.”

Our last trip to New Mexico we found this spiffy little Ammo Box at a junk store.  I brought it home, refurbished it a little bit, and now we are using it for CD storage.  The box underneath it is for DVD Movies & Misc. junk.

Each time we make a trip somewhere, we always try and stop and do a little what we call “junking” she is into glassware and I am into old signs and boxes.  This time we came home with the above and it turned out to be a nice addition to the Entertainment Center.  We are putting our Compact Disc’s in it for the time being.

The end result is this. Installed and in place in the first bay on the curb side.

It has been a chore, but in the end, I believe it will make a nice addition to the bus project, and provide many hours of enjoyment.  We will be able to sit outside watch a movie or two, listen to some tunes, and just do our best to while away the day.  It is in place, firmly tied down with small brackets.  These were made out of 1″ alum. stock and the screws are covered with small snap caps.    The television is tied down to the cabinet with a hidden shelf bracket which is not visible.  The radio is wired thru the over head LED lites, so when you close the door, power for the radio is shut off, preventing battery drain.  From start to finish this project was about three weeks.

(If you place your mouse cursor over the photo and click on it you can see the details.  Clicking a second time will bring it all in much closer)