Live Free Or Die Hard

Not much on television, so I am watching “Die Hard” with Bruce Willis, an old stand-by on a somewhat hum-drum Oklahoma Day and there is the scene where the cop is purchasing all of these Twinkies for “his pregnant wife” and he walks outside and stares up at the NakaTomiBuilding.

The sign on the immediate right reads, “Unleaded Regular 74.9 per gallon” ah, the good old days, eh?

Die Hard is a good movie, but I liked the one after that, “Return of the Titans” or something like that.  Denzel Washington, a man’s movie, football, the sixties.  Bag of Cheeto;s, diet soda, I am legally dead for the next two and one-half hours .. hire out an undocumented worker to take out the trash and leave me alone.

Boom Shaka-laka, Boom Shaka-laka, we are the Titans!  The mighty, mighty Titans!

A good movie.  Winners.  Upbeat stuff.  Most of us have never experienced the feeling of being on a “winning team” in life.  For the most parts, that is a special time only reserved for a select few.  I had a taste of it when I was in Boot Camp, I was in the First Color Company of the year, and we were good.  No, we were “better than good” we were “the” best.  Being on a winning team is truly a special feeling, it is a wonderful sensation, almost indescribable to a point, kind of like flying to Paris for breakfast on a LearJet, that would be close to it.

As I said … We were top drawer.  We were for the most parts the best.  We were unbeatable.

No one could hold a candle to us, we had every flag you could possibly have … And we had TWO OF THEM EACH.  We were the Super Bowl of companies in 1965.  That is possibly my only claim to fame.  So I know what it feels like to be a winner, I have been there, done that, got the T-shirt.  I can truthfully say … It sure feels good to be a winner.

Taking all this one step further, this possibly could be the reason I have a problem with all this Global Warming and Energy non-sense going around.  All this whining about our economy and how things are not getting better.  This idea of it not being real or the fact that we are somewhat powerless to do anything about it.

Most any person would quickly agree, that is not a winner’s attitude.

Why is it we cannot deliver a bottle of water to some poor soul standing on the roof of his flooded house in time of emergency or rebuild a city that was knocked down to its proverbial knees by an act of nature.  When did we seemingly overnight become a nation of whiners and complainers, incapable of solving even the simplest of problems for our country and our citizens?

Not long ago I watched in awe as the Japanese people lined up for the basic necessities in life, politely, quietly, with composure and respect.  We could learn a lot from the Japanese people about courtesy, patience and dignity.

When did we become this “I cannot do it state” or this “can’t do society?”

There was a time in this country, that we could face any challenge put before us with strength, national resolve, and we would rise to any challenge presented to us.  When you look back, we have solved some pretty hefty problems domestically; we have taken more than one tyrant to task, and kicked some tail.  We put men on the moon, we have sent instruments of exploration into deep space, we have overcome great diversity in racism and civil rights violations.

There is only one thing permanent in America any more and that is change.

We had best change and do it soon, or it is the final chapter in our history.  You want to put up a wind turbine in my backyard?  If that is what it takes, then I am onboard.  Same with refineries or solar collecting grids, screw the view, I want to be cool when it is hot outside, if that is what it takes, bring it on.

Boom Shaka-laka,Boom Shaka-laka, we are the Titans!  The mighty, mighty Titans!

Nice thought, but in today’s society, not very realistic.  It is time to suit up for another game America … To get back on the winning side of life.  THOUGHT FOR THE DAY:  “No one has ever gotten laid by wearing pins on their lapel with funny sayings.  No one ever got very far following a parked car Mr. Obama.”  Some of us are getting tired of taking it in the shorts, week after week, where is the change that was promised.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend, take time to remember all the brave men who died so that you might enjoy the freedoms that you have today.