Incoming! Exploding Desert.

Just when you think you have seen and read it all, something new comes along to shake up that theory.  Yesterday I got an email about exploding watermelons in China.  Some bozo decides to induce growth, so he puts it or injects it (I am not really sure) into his melons.  They in turn start growing.  Evidently at a “explosive rate” and actually do explode.  A couple of years ago, we ran an article about kids and potato cannons on the southside of town, but this one, well, this one is something new.

Chines consumers here lately have been frightened by new revelations of tainted food.  Just this year alone inspectors have found “salted duck eggs containing cancer-causing dyes, artificial honey, fake wine, donkey-hide gelatin, waste oil, sulfur steamed ginseng, plaster tofu, dyed bread” and other tainted food products.  I don’t think that even Paula Deen from the food channel would be able to make any of the above editable or attractive for that matter.

I was thinking about Chinese Food for lunch today, but after reading this, I may have to re-think my position on that one.

The American economy continues to slide downward and things are not looking up.  One thing that really hacks me off is this practice of all the “wise men” in Congress who are blaming the voters for the fiscal crisis.  Recently they have taken it upon themselves to claim that selfish shortsighted voters have caused the U.S. budget deficit and economic meltdown by clamoring for goodies they couldn’t pay for.  When the simple truth is that our current woes were caused by foolish policies promoted by the policy elite, not ordinary voters.

It is still the economy, stupid.

Here is something else, I don’t understand.  This new business practice of asking what you are going to do with something when you go to purchase it?  I mean, “Why do I have to tell some salesperson what it is that I am going to do with the product, when you are purchasing it for your own use?”  You go in, you politely ask, “Do you have a 3/8” giggy-gabber?” and the clerk looks at you and says, “What are you putting it on?”

Like it is his some of his business or something.  Just give me what I ask for, and forget the third degree.

Almost half of all the adults in Detroit (something like 47%) are now considered functionally illiterate, a new study released this week says.  Now this brings up an interesting dilemma, if you live there and you have car trouble for instance, who is going to fix it for you?  What about medical issues, technical items in your home, who repairs these?  And the other thing I find disturbing about this, is the study went on to say that only 40% of the people interviewed and are unable to read, have made attempts to learn how.

In a small way, I find some comfort in all of this.  I have said for years, “there is no incentive in this country to learn to read and write English, as we coddle to every race of people who come to this country, by printing up everything in their language and not ours.”  Take California for instance, they print the ballot up in 13 languages besides English.  Now we have all these people who cannot read nor write.

It appears that our chickens have come home to roost.

Found out this week that John Travolta does his shopping at WalMart and is a regular customer there.  Arnold “the gover-nator” has a love child and told the house maid, “I will be back.”  Maria moved out, that is a new one, it is usually the guy who moves out.  And a Florida woman was bombarded with telephone calls after a another woman with a similar name won $2 million on the lottery in that state.  Reach out, reach out and bug somebody!

Now that would be a new one, someone calling you and begging you for money, simply because you have some.

Remember the good old days when you stood around and listened to all of this Yackty-Yack on the cellphones.  It was everywhere, in the lines at the bank, the post office, in the dark spaces of the movie theaters.  People talking on cellphones, sharing every rancid lurid detail of their feckless lives in public.  Now that has been replaced, it is the din of texting, the talking has been replaced by the clicking sound, people pecking away at their little tiny back-lit screens text messaging each other.  Gone are the herd mentality days.

We have turned into a nation of hive dwellers, humming along, in our inane insect manner, typing away with all this impotent information.  Perhaps it is true when they say:  “People can live longer without food than without information.”  Arthur C. Clark.

CNN reported this week that 61% of most Americans say they believe Osama Bin Forgotten is in Hell.  10% say he is not in Hell, 24% are unsure, and 5% say they don’t believe in Hell.  Which brings me to the end of todays post and wondering …. “Why would anyone in Hell even care where he is?”

Now take me for instance, I don’t waste my time wondering where some scum-bag is spending eternity, I devote myself to important matters like, “Where did she hide those donuts?”  Now if you will excuse me, I am going into the kitchen and get me a bowl of donkey-hide gelatin.

So much for Wednesday …..


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  1. Hey! Thanks for news about the 47% of functionally illiterate adults in Bulls-Eye, Michigan. But functional is relative; I mean, I bet a lot more than 47% were able to decipher the manual on how to clean and load a gun, don’t you?
    Most likely. Then again, there is always the occasional religious fanatic available “to show them how to do it” if the need should arise. This is what we get when we go for all this “political correctness crap” ……


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