Pass On The Fish

One good thing about country living, is the fact, that you are never far from nature.  Yesterday, early in the morning in my shop, I watched a moth flutter around the window in a feeble attempt to get outside.  He kept hitting the window over and over in his relentless challenge to get outdoors.

On the other side of the window, the drama unfolds even more, it is a small bird who is in turn, pecking on the window and hovering at the same time, trying to make an easy breakfast of the moth.  Nature and all her drama, and all you have to do to enjoy it, is move to the country.

I turn on my stereo while I am working, the melodic sound of country music fills my shop (Allan Jackson’s Country Boy readily comes to mind … Reba McIntire I Wish I Were A Boy), shortly thereafter a mockingbird lites on the fencepost outside the door and begins to serenade me at the same time.  The birds’ gentle song fills my morning with joy and brings peace to my tired soul.

Life is good in the country.  The gradual slow rhythms of the land get you to where you need to go on most days, the red dirt of Oklahoma feels good under your feet, the wind carries the fragrances of the land on the wind.  If that isn’t working for you, then I suppose you could move to some place like Wyoming?

Lost Springs, Wyoming,  is currently undergoing a population boom, according to the 2010 census.  The town now has four people living in it, up from the one who was counted in 2000.  That might work.  Either way you win, peace and solitude, if that is what you yearn.  Not like the hectic, frantic life of the city, where you start every day mulling around in your mind the prospect of just driving a stake through your forehead and being done with it.

We seem to be on the subject of nature so here is something else for all you who dropped by this morning.  This past week a team of mountaineers and a Sherpa guide began removing 11,000 pounds of garbage, empty bottles, oxygen canisters, and abandoned tents and ropes from the slopes of the world’s tallest mountain Mount Everest.  Almost six tons of trash … You would not think there would be that much junk at the top of the world, but there is.

I am reading of this huge mass of floating crap in the oceans now, as a direct result of the Tsunami that recently hit Japan.  Most of it was flushed out to sea, and has made a sort of drifting island of flotsam that is soon to travel as far as Hawaii in the not so distant future.

Last week about a  mile off the coast of Japan, coast guard officers in a helicopter spotted a dog on the roof of a house that had been washed out to sea by the tsunami three weeks ago.  They rescued the dog and took it to as shelter.  The owner of the dog, named Ban, saw a story about the rescue on TV and recognized her dog.  She reclaimed her lost dog later that day.

There you go a happy ending for a change.  Now go grab a tissue, this next one is most likely going to hack you off.

A bad week for an Arizona teenager who cut himself making a sandwich who has been billed $2,000 for bleeding on the sidewalk.  His would did not require stitches, but the city of Peoria wants compensation for calling out the bio-hazard unit to clean up the droplets.  “It is really like rubbing salt in the wound of the kid.”  I mean hell, do you remember the good old days when your mother worried about the dog licking you in the face?  When was common sense outlawed in this country?  Did I miss the memo?

Anyone catch this?  President Obama accepted an award for supporting government transparency at a private ceremony from which the media and the public were excluded.  So much for transparency huh?

Friday the thirteenth, never have been superstitious about it really, it is just another day like any other.  As a matter of fact, I have often considered the number 13 as a lucky number for me personally.  That is until someone pointed out that it was the the letter M in our alphabet which stands for Marijuana and is also the symbol of the Mexican Mafia.  That is one time “too much information” (TMI) kind of takes away from it, you know what I mean?

Might want to lay off the sushi for awhile.  Japan’s nuclear utility dumped millions of gallons of radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean recently, in an area where radiation was already 7.5 million times the legal limit because of discharges of radioactive gas and water from the damaged nuclear plant.  It had to dump the water so it could store even more highly radioactive water that has been seeping into the turbine buildings.  Restaurants are losing customers, and the demand for fish is falling.  fishermen across the country were of course furious.

Like I said … Life in the country?  Well, it just isn’t all that bad, Y’all.

Have A Great Weekend.