Down And Dirty … Pass The Prozac

Another week has come and gone, did you make it, are you a survivor?  Getting kind of hard to make ends meet now days, they keep coming by and moving the stakes on me, and just making it from one week to the next is something anymore.  It appears that the govt. isn’t going to do anything (except spend more money it does not have), so we have to do our best to make it happen.

I usually shy away from Political news, but just look at how much they spent on assassinating this Obama-Done-Been-Forgotten guy.  An incredible amount of money, here is another take on it.  I cannot wait for the “official photo’s of the government funeral.”

I am not buying into it, I rank it up there with my first bicycle and the “dog ate my homework.”

Personally, I could stand a little of this prosperity that seems to be all around us, good for the taking.  No one it seems wants to improve my standard of living.  If 9 or 10 full loaded jumbo jets were crashing to the earth each day, you could be assured, they would jump in there and do something.  But you see, you and I, we are not that important.

We are just tax payers.

It was a bad week for Czech President Vaclav Klaus, after he was caught pocketing a pen during a news conference with Chilean President Sebastian Pifera (try spelling that one!).  Czech media didn’t cut him any slack either, they were calling Klaus a thief, but his office claims he had a right to take the ceremonial pen.  Bad sign of the times, when the president of a country is caught lifting a writing pen.

I used to relish the days I could sit down and write something that was truly funny, but I just don’t seem to be in the mood to do that these days.  Might be because there isn’t a whole lot happening, that is funny.  You ever notice that.  Even Charlie Sheen, much like Chinese food, tends to fade away after a brief portion of time.

This week or the past several days have been hard on me because of this Royal Wedding thing.  Let’s face it, “it is not a guy thing” and I have made that apparent on numerous occasions, but it doesn’t seem to resonate a familiar chord with my bride.  Did you know the Royal Family receives about $62 million a year from the government … about a buck for every citizen …. this is to pay for palaces, staff, and  travel.  I would like a deal like that.

But there are some that argue the true cost is closer to $300 million a year.  Anyway, what is YOUR family costing you these days?  It used to be a gallon of milk cost more than a gallon of gasoline, but that isn’t true any more.  It has gotten so bad around here, that we had to give up Twinkies and Ding Dongs, and I suppose the M&M’s are next?

American Ride … The Toby Keith video just came on, and that is not helping my attitude this Friday either.

I just read where some poet laureate in a coffee shop in Bend, Oregon couldn’t cut it anymore and canceled his own ticket. He killed himself by stabbing himself too death.  Seems to me, there should be a better way to do that, but that is how he did it.  Patrons at first thought it was part of his act, he had just finished singing his original composition, “Sorry For The Mess.”  When they finally realized it was not a ruse, they called 911, and rushed the poor slob to the local hospital, where he later died of his wounds.

(He was treated for mental problems just last month, evidently the doctors missed something)

It has gotten so bad that in Australia  A wombat at an Australia zoo has been diagnosed with depression, but it’s not because he’s caged.    Get this, because of a recent cyclone the zoo had been shut down for eight weeks.  Might be a good thing he is there and not here, if he were here, they would dope him up and then say … “Get Over It.”  (Now ask me who has been watching wayyyyyyy too much Dr. Phil.)

Veterinarians ran a battery of expensive physiological tests before concluding that the wombat was suffering from a withdrawal of human contact.  It appears that he missed “the patting, the photos, the cuddles, and the endless posing for the cameras.” (So do I but she said that was “sick” and she was NOT doing that anymore)

Hell, that aint nuthin. 

Wait until he gets old, now that is a trip. 

And if you are lucky, you can mix your own prescriptions!

I have to go now, I am off to the “multiple personalities meeting downtown” today, and I am in charge of the name tags, gonna be there all afternoon.  If you happen across something “funny” send it on to us here … Just like you … We could use a break.

Have a great weekend.


Thanks to Cracker Bill for him allowing me the lifting his photo also.