Big Sky

13 on the floor!  The other one out the door … Hammer down, Hammer down! 

This time of the year is terribly hard on a guy, especially a guy who has the wanderlust gene like myself.  I want to get out and roam, although I know that this is no longer a reality, it is not possible in this day and age.  So I fritter the days away sitting on the porch and I find other ways to amuse myself, like wondering, “What is the longest English word you can type with only the left hand?”


Important issues like that.

Spring time.  Back in the day I would find myself lying on a blanket with some sweet thing and we would be whispering into each other ears, sonnets and secret phrases, but alas, they are gone too.  Now I wonder if the old air conditioner will make it thru another season?  How much water I am going to have to put on the lawn this year, to green it up and keep it that way.  Why women find it impossible to sleep in a bed that has a fan blowing across it.

I secretly pine for Montana, it is never far away in my thoughts, often just around the corner.  The pale blue sky opening up over Bozeman seems to stretch forever.  The air is fresh and clean at the top of Bear Tooth Pass outside Red Lodge and the roads empty before, now most likely are bare altogether.  A long BNSF freight racing across the land at breakneck speed to Chicago, clear water streams and long hot summer days.

In the summer, you can drive across southern Montana and the haystack dotted farmland seems to roll on and on forever.  You drive by the small outfits, and they haul out to the front fence, what they have to sell.  Worn out, beaten up pickups, a combine here and there, well used tractor an old motorhome, whatever.

I have driven on two lanes so striking, so majestic and mesmerizing, hauntingly familiar, that you swore they were objects of art.  Rolling green sea’s of prairie grass, visions of Native Americans, stampeding horses, bison and of course, cowboys taming an unruly bronco fill my mind.

You would not expect anything less of someone who’s favorite western is “Dancin’ With Wolves.”

Eye candy for the soul is how I always seem to refer to it.  A place in time, that lingers in your mind and often helps you thru your day.  Distant roads are calling me.  Through scenery so spectacular that much like a fine oil or a colorful print hanging on the wall it takes your breath away.  The mood and the feel of the land permeate your soul in big sky country, the home of Louis and Clark, the chisled Grizzly.

I yearn to roam.

The old time towns and the architecture mixed with the new style trendy restaurants and galleries of the new west.  Pickup’s with gun racks,  Small detailed dream catchers hanging from the rear-view mirror, a blue healer dog in the back, one stop light at the end of the block.

And always, a canvas of baby blue (sky) right above you.

Man, I hate living in the city.


CHROME  Catch you on the flip-flop

5 thoughts on “Big Sky

  1. You suffer from a divine discontent. You could always move – if that is an option.

    Beautiful soulful writing, by the way.


  2. Why thank you, you are such a kind and generous person. I am glad that you translated the Italian guy on your site, because I would have never gotten it, not even in the ballpark on that one. In the beginning, I started to post a poem for you, but thought against it, as I am not feeling all that poetic this morning.

    I don’t know what I am feeling actually. But I know it is not poetic. As I age, I note that different parts of my body awaken to meet the new day, at different times, that might be it?

    This morning I was reading where the average person in London is paying $10 a gallon for it, and it was one of those cheezy pieces about “how good we have it here in the states” but I notice that they always leave out the part about the taxes. Doesn’t the U.K. have the highest taxes per gallon of any country in Europe? Wonder why they leave it off.

    I enjoy your site, it is like a breath of fresh air, and I appreciate your coming all the way over here to visit.



  3. Last year my fella and I felt the same way you do right now – we NEEDED to get the heck out of Dodge. ‘Dodge’ in our case was Calgary – an oil/gas city of one million people in southern Alberta.

    We sold our place, quit our full time jobs and drove to Mexico for the winter. We came back to Canada in February, settled into our little place in rural-ish BC, and now we’re happy as clams!

    No more city life for me. Ever.


  4. Thanks,Chrome —

    Nice depiction of our part of the country. You faithfully portrayed the essence of Big Sky Country, capturing all the reasons my wife and I fled the city 32 years ago to live in Montana.

    Red Lodge, MT


  5. I went to a writers’ open mike one day and was amazed at the writing talent of people we’ll never get to read. Like all the great garage bands that play music the world will never hear. And so with blogs, some great writing we may never stumble across. And your post, “poetry on wheels.” Truly wonderful. Write on!
    Thanks for the comment, we try.


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