Hot Iron

Ah spring in Oklahoma, the Walmart tree bags are in full bloom, the fence rows are full of plastic and there is a pronounced crispness in every breath I take.

New life abounds everywhere I look and love is in the air.

Just this week I got a desperate plea from a Nigerian woman who tells me that she has me in her every thought, and that she is related to the Royal Nigerian Family who desperately need me to finance her trip to the United States.  It is so nice to be needed.  Don’t you think it is nice to have a dream?

Everyone has a dream.  A tomorrow.  A someday.

So in order to promote these principles lucky for us, we have media experts who create for us our world, they are the Dream Catchers of our society.  They outline for us in vivid detail, organize our dreams, prioritize our needs and help us to make plans. They, for lack of a better descriptive, color our world to speak

And unfortunately, every now and then, they go outside the lines, and they screw up.

If you want to work with Chrysler, don’t bad-mouth its hometown of Detroit.  Chrysler’s social-media agency, New Media Strategies, learned the lesson the hard way after a employee used Chrysler’s Twitter feed, apparently by mistake, to express the thought that it was “ironic that Detroit is known as the Motor city, yet no one here knows how to f—ing drive.”

The employee was summarily fired and Chrysler promptly announced that it wouldn’t  renew with New Media Strategies saying that the tweet wrongly disparaged “Detroit and its hardworking people.’  The misstep was particularly unwelcome since Chrysler has been hailing the success of a new advertising tagline it introduced in a Super Bowl ad in February “Imported from Detroit.”

Things in general, are not all that great in Detroit.  Detroit recently has experienced a population plunge.  Detroit’s population shrank by 25% in the past ten years to its lowest level in a century, as growing numbers of blacks joined their white brothers in fleeing the troubled city.

The U.S. Census Bureau fixed the city’s population at 713,777, making it smaller than Indianapolis.  The last time Detroit’s population was so low as in 1910, when the city’s mainstay automotive industry was just setting up shop.  Detroit has the highest percentage of Muslim’s (and illegal Mexicans) in the country now, most of its infrastructure is crumbling, business has left and is in advanced stages of general decay.  Another great city of the American culture slowly sinks into the horizon and out of sight.

Most had figured the population would be closer to 800,000 and the mayor has asked the Census Bureau to recheck its head count.  Of course, if he could just find another 40,000 willing souls to agree that they live in this hole, that would qualify his city for increased state and federal aid.

Which they apparently need desperately now.

All this new Hot Iron imported out of Detroit, buckin and snortin’, high-horse macho machines, ready to hit the highway.  Texas I understand has just raised its speed limits to 85 miles miles per hour in some sections of their state … all of it there for the taking … Just takes a $4 gallon of gasoline to make it all happen ….  Here I sit, in my ten year old hoopie, stuck on the on ramp.

Oh well, it could be worse, I could be for instance, find myself being called to prayer seven times a day and standing on the sidewalk in Detroit.

Have a great weekend, if that is still possible?