Change – New Horizons

I find myself hoping and praying for better things.  Like most American’s I need some good news, but I don’t seem to be hearing any?  I openly welcome change, but still kind of doubt it is going to appear in time to turn all this around.

Sorry, I am just not a cheerleader for the cause today, it just isn’t here.

Our working congressional leaders, and I use that word (working) loosely, are going to debate the issues until they eventually fade away.  Mainly because they are as usual, miles apart on any viable solution to this national malaise.

Their main thrusts are “payday’s” not solutions.

We are just now learning how to live with the threat of terrorism at home, all the while, failing to recognize that a lot of our terrorists are already here in the form of gangs and imported crime from across our border to the south.

Borders that used to be safe and secure, we now watch with a wary eye at night, knowing full well that there are those who would cross in the dark to do injury to us.

We recently shut down one jail, but that is just the start.  We now lead the world in the category of locking up people.  Some charged and some not charged (Cuba) and we are housing a little over two million people the majority on archaic drug laws.

AIDS continues to take its fair share of victims and even after an eon of time, remains a scourge on the face of humanity.  Countries such as in Africa and Asia now have millions of doomed people with lives that are never going to really have a chance, because of this disease.

Some things are going to stay the same, no matter how fresh a canvas we paint. About forty or fifty million working poor in this country are still going to lack medical insurance for their families and themselves. America has, let’s face it, always concentrated on helping and or addressing the needs of others and not focusing inward to address or meet the needs of its citizens.

The gap between the haves and the have-nots continues to expand at an alarming rate, almost as fast as the holes in the atmosphere at the top and bottom of the planet.  For the first time we approach the age of scarcity with a real sense of wonder and awe.  We are having problems feeding ourselves and the world.

Now we have those in Wall Street who are taking riches for a few and no gain at all for the bottom rung of the ladder families of America.  In the time it takes for a normal person to read this post, 15 to 20 acres of virgin rain forest will disappear, never to reappear on this planet again.  We are now reaching a historic point in time, where it is entirely possible to see the decline or disappearance of whole species of animals and/or plants. Something that was before, only the stuff of science fiction, now suddenly is very real.

We carry our collective fears and phobias in our luggage into the arena of life.  We still have our racism, our bigotry. Our small isolated hate groups on the fringe that we have always had.  Cowards who hide behind false patriotism and the ACLU to do their evil works.

Who rear their ugly head and scream their rancid moral code on the country, inflicting their specific strain of pain and suffering, in some cases outright murder on defenseless minorities, still thrive in America because we allow it.

It is illegal to pray before a football game and a kid cannot say the pledge of allegiance in school, but bottom feeders with sheets over their heads and swastika’s on their arms, are allowed free reign on our streets and communities.  You can burn the American flag with impunity but cannot carry a protest sign within five miles of a campaign meeting.

Our national leaders and prominent politicians are going to offer up what seem like viable solutions to age old problems.  Offering the latest, the best, and whatever happens to be on the agenda for the day.  But in the end, we all know that they are going to fail miserably.  We all know that the problems, no matter how much change is promised, are going to remain.  They could not find the answers in the 19th, 20th centuries and they will be just as lost in this one too.

Our problems cannot and will not be solved by politicians, our problems are moral and spiritual and until we stop to recognize this fact, we will be as lost as a goose.

We were supposed to be the generation that was going to fix all of this. We were the ones that laid on the blanket in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, smoked good weed, and visualized the new utopia for the American people.  Unfortunately, we stepped out to lunch, and somewhere along the line, somehow, we just didn’t come back.  We never fixed anything, I would venture to say, we didn’t even get close.

So plays the soft gentle tune of The War Baby.

I am the first born of my generation, theoretically to have never gone to war, worked for a solid, good company, every year of my life.  And then to reap the benefits of free society and collect my fair share of the bountiful harvest that America has to offer at the end of the day.

Didn’t happen.

Now, like a dog in the back of an old pickup, racing to town on a dusty country road, with his ears flopping in the breeze, humanity has turned the corner and is headed off into a brave new world. Diving headlong into a new arena of glory like a well rehearsed sunset on the Golden Coast and is now braced to make history.

From my perspective, only the calendar bears a different appearance.

You see I am older now, I am cynical, I am not all that apt to jump on the wagon and shout hooray for our side!  To me it is except for the gender position (a black man in the office), the same old tired line.  It is the same old circus, just a different set of clowns.  Tune in tonight on NBC,CBS or ABC for the latest episode.

Nothing has really changed, other than the date on the calendar page, the time and place.  America is still throwing money at its problems instead of trying to solve them, and we all know from past experience, that isn’t going to work.

Where is it written that a banker doesn’t have to suffer from his lousy decisions and a tax payer does.  Why is there a much different standard for the rich in this country, and a completely different mile marker for the poor.  Why at the end of the day, when it comes time to pay for the band, why is it the poor man has to dig deep into his pockets to cough up the change?

Now I am being told, in the twilight of my years, that a new beginning is upon us, and I hear that change is in the air. One more time, I stand poised at the crossroads of time.

I guess we should all work harder for reforms, to affect some kind of valid change in this great country we live in. If we cannot find time for that, then perhaps it is time to lower our heads, put our hands together, and just silently pray for a better world.