Bus Stuff: Go Ahead Make My Day

Father time and my vices seem to have caught up with me.  In other words, “I used to eat like a horse, and now I sort of resemble one.”  Push came to shove, so I have been making some radical changes in my lifestyle.

Out of curiosity I checked my BMI (Body Mass Index) as I have been trying desperately trying to lose some weight.  One of the apparent drawbacks to aging is you become metabolically challenged.  Surprisingly, as you grow older, you and your fat, well you get close, you become friends.

Anyway, I am checking on my BMI and it appears that I am somewhere close to my perfect weight if I were seven feet tall or say, a medium sized pickup truck.  On the advice of my doctor, I started walking two miles per day to lose the excess weight.  He called Friday and inquired as to how I was doing?  I just said, “Well, not all that great, I have shed three pounds, but I am fifteen miles outside of Amarillo.”

As you can see, I don’t worry a whole lot.

Up and until now, the only thing that concerned me or really bothered me was a leaking silicone hose that was dropping copious amounts of anti-freeze on the cardboard cutouts under the rear of my bus.  I suspect a faulty or loose hose clamp, but I am not all that sure, because it hasn’t bothered me enough to actually fix it.

If it were leaking diesel, I would be on it in a heartbeat, but as it is anti-freeze, well, y’know the rest, dontcha?

Voted the Sixties as the best era to be alive this week on an internet poll.  Which would really confuse people in Dallas, they think an era is waiting on the light, so you can turn left (Don’t send me any letters).

Here is a suggestion for an internet poll.  How about the perfect job, what do you think the perfect job would be?  I vote for the lady who cashes in the winning lottery ticket, that would have to be the best job ever.  Each and every soul that you meet … would be elated … Happy and in a great mood.  Not like the guy working in the back of the truck-stop changing out old tires.

Here is a little slice of life for you.

If you are currently being ignored by one person on the net, then you are relatively okay and should not be concerned.  If the number increases to say three or four, then you have attained the social status of a fly at a picnic and should make immediate corrections to edit your profile.

Read of a bus meet in St. George, Utah, which appears to be interesting and the locale is great (Zion, means Heaven, did you know that?) but I now understand that it is not a “sanctioned Eagle event” which I suppose means … You have to bring your own donuts? Sure wish I could attend that, but it isn’t likely.

Been an interesting week, just when I thought I had seen it all and heard it all, something else pops up on the horizon. I am reading the net and there is a comment and the guy is saying, “Dirty Harry said this” …..  and I am thinking … “he KNOWS that Dirty Harry is not a real person, doesn’t he?”

And another is commenting, “Well I have to go with Elvis on this one, as if the man was still with us, alive and breathing.”  I mean let’s face it people, this one guy is not real and the other is dead.

If he (Elvis) were alive, I don’t believe you would find him living (or even traveling) in a rebuilt old bus for cryin’ out loud.  If you Google Elvis impersonators you get over 136,000 hits in 21 seconds and according to Sixty Minutes, over 84,000 Americans are making a living doing just that … Impersonating Elvis Presley.

The rest of ‘em (Americans) are currently on unemployment compensation which according to the latest numbers, finds that most of them are not doing all that well.  I wonder if the “Naked Cowboy” is still hawking his wares on the streets of New York?

From a personal standpoint, I don’t want to be a Dirty Harry or at best a somewhat tubby, balding, short Elvis …  That would waste the ME that I already AM … I don’t want to be anyone else, and I don’t want to quote anyone else, I want to be the me that I already seem to be.

There are more important issues facing us today, such as “Who is the Super-Secret Internet Bully and why is it even important in this day and age to identify him.” or  “Where do you locate a T-Shirt that reads, I cannot take it anymore.”

This brings me to a conclusion, there is nothing else to be said.  I am done, I am spent, I have absolutely nothing more.

Perhaps it is time for me to take a seven year hiatus from all of my cyber wanderings, travel the backroads of this great country at random and find out who it is that I truly might be?  Y’know, get out of my head and into the world, which is another funny expression, that you just read on the net.

I’ll let you know …..

Don Smith
aka: BCO