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The Internet is a powerful tool, recent events in Eygpt certainly have shown us that.  A civil uprising was started and completed, mainly using the Internet and not a shot was fired.  You can get the world’s news instantly at the drop of a hat off the Internet, it is all there, plain as day, and available 24-7.  One thing I have always liked about the Internet, was the fact, that “I could pick and choose which news I wanted to see and what news that I wanted to avoid.”  Kind of tailor made for me, it allowed me the luxury of avoiding those things that I find so repulsive in life, that feed my anxieties, my worries and fears.

Yesterday, against my better judgment I watched the national news, and as usual, the fare was pretty grim.  Earthquakes, politics run amuck, baby dolphins dying in the Gulf of Mexico and “no one knows why.”  And then people wonder why it is that I do not watch the news.  One of the things that we have always strived for here at Creative Endeavors was the pure abscence of “real news” we find it too depressing and often a downer.  So we search out the little light-hearted items, the good news, and we put that up instead.  It could be the reason for our apparent popularity, no one wants a constant diet of bad news.

It is frankly … bad for the soul.

So even after a self imposed prolonged abscence from the news I find that not much good news going around, was hoping for an improvement, but it appears to be the same old same old.  You know,  people are going to get addicted to this sooner or later, so when things do improve and it all gets better, there will still be a market for “bad news.”

Which will be good news for people like me.

Most likely people will miss it, that is where I come in, I will publish a newspaper that is filled entirely with bad news, figuring folks will still need their daily fix, I will provide it for them.

Should be a money making proposition for me, Whadya think?  We will then print a bad news paper, no good news in it, I figure when all the news is good … people are going to miss the bad news … thus I will create my own market.

Here is some bad news, especially if your first name is “the defendant.”  A state judge in North Carolina has been reprimanded for discussing a pending child custody case on Facebook of all places.  He is accused of discussing the case with a lawyer after they became Facebook “friends” and soon found themselves discussing the case in a public forum.  Which surely a judge should know, is a violation of judicial ethics.  The judge has since disqualified himself from the case, and a new trial has been ordered.

Remember, when you are standing before that judge, “he used to be a lawyer at one time.”  I always like the story they told of a Mafia Godfather who finds out that his bookkeeper has cheated him out of ten million dollars.  His bookeeper is deaf, that was the reason he got the job in the first place.  It was assumed that a deaf bookkeeper would not hear anything that he might have to testify about in court.  When the Godfather goes to confront the bookkeeper about his missing $10 million he brings along his attorney, who knows sign language.

The Godfather tells the lawyer, “Ask him where the 10 million dollars is that he embezzled from me?”  The attorney, using sign language, asks the bookkeeper where the money might be?  The bookkeeper signs back; “I don’t know where the money is.?”  The attorney tells the Godfather “He says he doesn’t know what you are talking about.”

The Godfather quickly produces a pistol, puts it to the temple of the bookkeeper and says …. “Ask him again.”

The lawyer signs to the bookkeeper, “He will kill you if you do not tell him where the money is.”  The bookkeeper says, “Okay, You win!  The money is in a brown briefcase, buried in my brotherinlaws back yard in Queens!”  The Godfather then asks the lawyer, “What did he say?” and the lawyer replies, “He says, he doesn’t believe you have the guts to pull the trigger!” …. You just gotta love a lawyer.

News this weekend said that some guy was arrested for murder in Las Vegas, and he had “a history of questionable actions.”  Can you imagine if we were all held to that standard?  Not long ago, our local paper ran an article on some kids finding a body, completely wrapped in chains, hanging from a tree, and the headline said that “police suspect foul play.”

Uh huh?  Where do they get this stuff?

You read the headline and it says, “Convicted Rapist arrested …”  Now here is the part I don’t understand, if he is convicted, then what is he doing out?  And then there is always the guy who will say something like, “I don’t understand how a convicted rapist can be out walking the streets.”  How do we know?  How do we know that this guy is out walking the streets?  Not everyone who gets out of prison is likely to be just walkin’ the streets.

How about this?  I understand that a lot of them jack people up and steal their cars for instance.  We ought to be glad, “Thank God he stole a car, at least he’s not out walkin’ the streets!”

Another thing Internet people do is under estimate the power of this tool to reach people.  We sit here in our abodes, drink our coffee, type away at the keyboard and when it is shaped, molded and formed to our satisfaction, we hit “post” and don’t give it another thought.  Often we do not think of the people that will eventually read it, or the lives we might impact when we publish our works.

Believe it or not, you don’t have to be “Freshly Pressed” to get exposure.  I will give you a for instance.

On most days I have four or five different Internet boards that I haunt, looking around, reading and sometimes, posting on.  This past weekend I wrote a little fluff piece entitled “How Much Did It Cost” an article on our bus, and published it on a bus board.  In two days over 1,300 people read that piece, and 65 offered up comments.   That was intriguing to me, as that is some first class heavy-traffic for a little bbs.

You can read it here.

It was also sort of a wake up call for me, I have found myself taking advantage of this medium as has been my habit for several years, and forgotten the possibilities that were available.  I had completely forgotten the power of this medium to reach out over time and space, to land in someone’s home and be read and considered.  The recent events in the Middle East and this little fluff piece have shown me that.  In the future, I will give it even more thought before I publish it.  Because once it leaves this keyboard and hits the net, there isn’t any limit to the amount of people it will be seen by, and that friends, is an awesome responsibility.


“The cartoon courtesy of Center for American Progress” (online)

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  1. I have surfed the internet for years and am still amazed at how fast and far reaching it is. It’s a soapbox on the corner of the globe.
    It still amazes me, after all this time, strange eh?



  2. I love reading your posts! I know i have been a bit slow….but catching up now. Loved yoru lawyer joke, they are all the same! Haha.
    Well, we are glad you are here! thank you for your comment.


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