Answer Up

The Mayan Calendar only runs to the year 2012 and then abruptly stops.  Good news for anyone who owes a lot of money on Credit Cards, if you can just hold on a little longer, your misery will soon be over.  It has also been recently noted that the calendar itself has mathematical errors and could be off as badly as six months.

Bad news for all those people who are selling Mayan Calendars.

Started my morning re-loading my music program, the sucker was locked up and I naturally assumed that it was a “hardware problem.”  When I find I have a hardware problem, it is usually located “directly between MY ears” and not in the hard drive.

Humans are not hard-wired for this stuff, and as we tend to think of ourselves as perfect, somewhat omnipotent, we always assume it is the computer …. Not so.  Vince Gill playlist has a glitch in it and that was the problem, which is by the way, something that “I PUT TOGETHER” and not something that was already on the computer to begin with.  Computers!  I just wanted some Musak to soothe my jagged edges …..

Let me ask you something?  When you are writing a post, article, comment, and that little bell goes off … Ding! … and it informs you that you have an email , do you go up there immediately or keep on working?  I am just curious.  Often it is awfully hard to just ignore the thing.  It is almost screaming at me like a baby that is hungry or something, but I usually resist, until I can wrap up what it is that I am working on.

Some people have discipline and some do not.  In which camp do you reside?

The other day I am at the barbershop and my cellphone goes off in my pocket.  Not wanting to answer it, I just ignore it, knowing full well that it will drop them in voice mail, it is no big deal to me.  This guy sitting there is bothered by it ringing, he says “You gonna answer that?” and I reply, “Naw, it will go to voice mail.”

He says, “It might be important, answer it.” Which kind of irritated me, I mean, “Who is this bozo to telling me to answer my phone?” I reply, “no big deal, don’t worry about it.” He then says, “It might be your kids.”

Jeeeze, how in the world does this complete stranger even know I have kids … I just wanted to get my ears lowered and read my paper.  Trying hard not to just stand up and strangle the guy, in a nice, calm voice I reply, “Listen, when you start paying $49.60 per month for this little marvel of technology, then you can tell me what to do with it.” End of conversation.  I guess I am just technically challenged or something.

Role Call!  Answer up when you hear yo’ name …. Cell-phone impaired?  … Yo’ here sir!

While we are at it.  Women and cell phones crack me up.  They see a number on their telephone and they do not recognize the number, so they then call the number, and ask who it is on their phone?  Never fails.  I can’t get enough of that, it just amazes the fizz out of me.  I have misdialed numbers and women call me and ask who I am and why am I calling them. Wanting to know if I am personally entered into the Charles Manson early release stalker program or something.

Jeeeze Louise, it was a wrong number.

My wife yesterday had two of calls of this nature.  She was given wrong numbers by people at work, so the women call her up and ask her what is going on.  And on top of all this … She explains it to them!  This is insane. I find two or three; sometimes even more numbers on my telephone routinely.

And I just delete them.  That is a man for you.  Pragmatic … To the point, most always.

The Lone Ranger has an episode on today with a female sheriff ……  What is this world coming to for crying out loud?  Bad news for Comanche Joe and the folks in Gunstock!  I seem to be on some kind of estrogen rush this morning.  Yesterday my cellphone rang, so not looking at who was calling, I answered up.  Some woman, nice sounding voice, almost sweet music to the ears, said to me:  “Did you call me?” and I asked her “Who are you, what is your name?” and she replied …. “Phylis, my name is Phylis.” and I just smiled and said, “No babe.  It wasn’t me.”


Hmmmm Kemo-Sabe … A female sheriff in Gunstock?  Who would’ve ever thought …

Ding!  I get letters ….. lot’s and lot’s of letters.