A Day For Lovers

Greetings to all of you, today, this day of lovers and light hearted thought.

This must be “Forrest Gump Week” on television this week, every time I have went in there and turned it on … there he is …. Mama says life’s like a box o’ chocolates …. I never really did figure out the message in that movie, always wondered, what was it about, exactly?

One of the soundtracks in the movie is a classic 1967 song, “If you’re going to San Francisco” (don’t forget to wear some flowers in your hair) that song resonates with me now, even after all these years. It was one of those “one hit wonders” by Scott McKenzie.

Having said all that, I will move on.

If you are coming to Oklahoma and you are of the female gender, you better bring some Levi’s or Pedal Pushers.  Still a tad bit breezy here in The Heartland, spring is around the corner.

Spring is that time of the year, when a man’s heart turns toward love and new beginnings.  Where lanes are full of basil and blue skies with clouds that twirl and twirl, the young man ran to dazzle and kiss the rose lipped girls, never a heart as weary and a love so strong, as the winds of spring lifted him and carried him a long.  Under a full moon lit hill, he came to amuse and confuse the girl of his dreams, melting her heart with chocolate and sweet things.

Something hypnotic or mystic about the female of the species … Every man’s narcotic at some time in their life.

For most men, that is the drill.  Then you have this small select group, who kind of fake their way thru it all, love is okay, but not all that necessary.  “I do have the NFL” that kind of thing.  For them, the dreaded day has arrived, Valentine’s Day.  The false holiday, promoted by the chocolate companies and all those other estrogen enriched items that she uses.

As usual I haven’t a clue as to what to get her, the girl in my life, my cup cake.  I need to find something for my lover, my confidant, my parsimonious grocery shopper, the person who brings a smile to my worn worn-down face.

A face only a mother could love.

She’s my girl, my bride.  Just the other day, she looked up at me and said, “Y’know honey, we have a marriage that was made in heaven.”  I smiled my toothy smile and replied, “Isn’t that where they make thunder and lighting?”  See … If you answer with a question, they can never gain control over the conversation.

Remember that.

Now I know that some of this might sound sexist, but it isn’t, as I have said before, “I like women and sometimes they like me.”  Both of us are fairly comfortable with each other, into our sixties now, aging like a bottle of fine wine, and looking at life much differently.  For instance, we now break our Viagra in half, because she said, “I just want to cuddle.”  Which I willingly oblige.

Tell me I am not sensitive.

Maybe I can get her some of that new underwear that is being made out of WOOD.  Yes, I said wood, you are not reading it wrong.  These environmentally friendly knickers and bra’s use fibers from white pine trees.  There is no risk of splinters because the fibers are spun to create a silky-soft fabric.  Non-Toxic dyes are used to eliminate allergic reactions.  They are currently being sold in the U.K..

The material has more microscopic holes for air circulation than polyester and twice the absorbance of cotton related items.  The French designed range.  Currently being marketed in Britain is being sold by a company named “BYnature.”  It is being called g=9.8, which everyone knows is the scientific figure of the earth’s acceleration.  Almost too weird to be considered real, but it is.

I guess they would be alright until the termites or the Loggers show up!

Now see, here you are at the end of the post, and you didn’t have to do your nails, or change your favorite brand of shampoo, or worry about loose, dry skin.  Who says the Internet doesn’t perform a public service.

I have to run to town now, pick up something for the bride and possibly save my hide.  Comments section is open girls, let me have it, I do after all … deserve everything I get.


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  1. You are such fun and continue to start my week with a laugh. And the Scott Mackenzie song…one of my all time favourites. As you say, it still resonates.
    Thank You! Most of the replies have been favorable, one in particular did not like it, thought it was anti something or rather, but then again, she is not a regular reader.


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