Minus Twelve And Holding

Another winter storm has come roaring in and taking its collective pound of flesh.  Either it is old age or just me, but I am tiring of it, I want some spring time and I want it now.  That is the way it is when you live in The Heartland … Oklahoma.

I remember the journey to Oklahoma in my childhood,
On two lane blacktop roads
Full of country smells
Long days under a broiling sun
Friendly handshakes
Backed up by broad warm smiles.

So even as a small child
I knew that Oklahoma would be good to me
It had tall wheat elevators
Plenty of room
But most of all
The people who lived there,
were different
Down home kind of folk
Warm and friendly.

Oklahoma I cannot possibly say
How much I miss you when I am gone
How I yearn to expierence your hot humid summer days
To feel your warmth
Long after the summer sun has gone down.

I miss your bumpy dusty roads
On their meandering paths across the land
As they cut checkerboards of progress
Laced by the homes of the farming man.

I miss your cottonwoods
Stirring in the August wind
The gentle breeze before a summer storm
The slap of thunder
Across the contour of the land
Rain on the driveway
Even tho’ it is incredibly warm.

If anyone wants to pump me some sunshine, please avail yourself of the Email feature at the top of the page.


One thought on “Minus Twelve And Holding

  1. I got the sunshine here in Wyoming…but just can not figure out the computer program that sends it south!
    Look on the back, next to the IBM sticker, a little switch “heat” turn that on and keep transmitting … Thanking you in advance … I remain frozenly yours.


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