Rushing to meet the new day, standing in the kitchen, apparently not willing to wait for a fresh cup of coffee, in my haste I am tapping the pot for something that is akin to lukewarm, half-brewed brown elixir.

Give it to me!  I need it now!

A little Carrie Underwood on CMT (Country Music Television) and my world seems to be falling into place like an old familiar puzzle, worked before.  But it is a false hope, I still can feel uncertainty in my life this day, gnawing on me from somewhere deep within.

At much as I want it to be, my world is far from perfect.

I am again, standing at the Crossroads, not really knowing which path is the right path, which is the right way and which way is wrong for me. When I find myself in this particular junction it is because I have been brought here and it is usually an unexpected choice that I have to make.

Most of us do not realize it, but following God’s will is a daily decision.

The majority of the time, we are not given a second chance when we stand at the Crossroads. Shakespeare captured the very essence of it in his play Julius Caesar, as Brutus rallied his co-conspirators against Caesar. Though he chose the wrong path, Brutus eloquently articulated the fleeting opportunities these crossroads present.

“There is a tide in the affairs of men which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune; omitted, all the voyage of their life is bound in shallow and in miseries. On such a full sea we are now afloat, and we must take the current when it serves or lose our ventures.”

No more missed opportunities, time is of the essence, we are in the short rows of life. I can ill afford to lightly shrug off the path that God leads me on this week.  I cannot afford to turn a deaf ear to the sweet voice that calls to the deepest reaches of my inner being. Having no way of knowing where this juncture of life will take me. I can ill afford to ignore a prompting from the spirit.

This could be the week that was supposed to be used to change a life. My biggest concern as always was my being prepared for the challenge, this morning, I hope and silently pray that I am ready.  It could be entirely possible that I did not recognize nor heed the call.   I don’t know if the path is the right path, like I said, but if it wasn’t the best path for me, He surely would not be calling me to walk down it.

So through it all I am forced to remain optimistic and upbeat.  The choices that determine our destinies are not always the choices that make the headlines. This week the Lord will gave me choices to either test or build my character and my obedience.

Gather Ye Rosebuds while ye may
Old time is still a flying
And this same flower that smiles today
Tomorrow will be dyin.

Have a great weekend (or don’t, it is your choice) do your level best to touch a heart, to change a life, find someone and make them smile.  Give everyone you meet your absolute evel best … It is the very least you can do.


3 thoughts on “Crossroads

  1. That was a nice message. Yes, it is a daily decision to actively follow God.
    Why thank you! We are so pleased that you found it and it gave back something to you, come back any time.



  2. That was a good one…reminds me the Mitch Abion book…”Five People We Meet When YOu Get to Heaven”…. REALLY makes you stop and think about the path taken or the road NOT taken as the case may be.
    It would be nice, to allow ourselves the luxury of thinking what all of it would have been like, if we had perhaps made better choices, were given different ideals, opinions, second chances to correct obvious wrongs. I would venture to say that it is the eternal dream of man … give me one more shot … I promise, this time I will not blow it.

    Live each day as if it were your last … and don’t plan for the future, for the future is hidden from us just as much as the past we can no longer see.



  3. That was Awesome Don.
    Must be honest, i worry everyday that i am no where near where God wants me. Just cant figure out “how do you know why you are here?” So while i try to figure that out, i have found plenty to enjoy along the way.
    I read the book that Bernice spoke about, enjoyed it thoroughly. Really gives you a wonderful perspective.
    Have not personally read the book, but I did see the movie, and found it to be worth the ticket. Glad you liked the piece, I am a little late with my hauling today, so I guess I best put something up, it is after all, Monday.



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