Clean Air

Life is tough sometimes
There are a million decisions to make
And none of them
Are easy

There are things
You want to do
But can’t
And things
You don’t want to do
But have to

There are good times
And hard times
And days you feel
Like nobody
could ever possibly understand

What it is like to be you
And you know
That is probably right.

But Jesus is here
If you want to talk
Or hang out

And forget about life
For just a short while.
He is here for the long haul
Or just for a mile.

Hang in there … it is all going to work out

Watch N See.

Let’s throw this one out on the porch and see if the cat will lick it up.  Have found some time to read this week, and that is always good. I enjoy reading other peoples stuff. I am reading this science fiction book and they are talking about putting astronauts to sleep on long voyages into space. A sort of “suspended animation” if you will?

They do this so that on the long deep penetrations into space, so the members of the space crew do not age.

Now it appears that this could be possible. Scientists have taken a big step toward making that dream a reality. A recent study in which they’ve successfully halted the metabolism of test mice while actually keeping them alive has just taken place back east.

They did this by dosing mice with hydrogen sulfide gas (this is the gas that gives swamps and rotten eggs their stink). After inhaling the gas, the animals’ metabolisms completely stopped and their heartbeats slowed to roughly half the regular rate.

So it occurred to me.

“If you were to ride with me after consuming Mexican Food, in the cab of an enclosed pickup, on a long red dirt road in Oklahoma some afternoon, I could actually suspend a few months, possibly a year or two of your life.”

Breathe deep.