New Deal

We are going to three days per week in 2011 … Monday-Wednesday-Friday … occasionally we may put up something in between.  The rigors of writing and maintaining at a steady daily pace are just too demanding, so we decided to take the opportunity to scale it back some.

Usually I refrain from political issues, but for some reason, I just feel like belting one out this morning.  So here goes.  One feature I find interesting on is the “global dashboard” feature, you click on it and it takes you to a blog, any blog, and often I find myself on one of these so-called political blogs.  Which most of the time, are about as stimulating as a luke warm glass of tea on a hot summer day or kissing your sister.  Not much there.

Another thing that comes readily to mind is the television program “Face The Nation” where each week we have it all laid out for us, in nice clean brush strokes.  It makes me somewhat curious, “If these bozo’s that write this crap, have it all figured out for the rest of us, then how come they are not holding down an elected political office somewhere?”

Just thinking outside of the box.

I found myself reading one these political blogs the other day and it said: “Johnson who was the first psyucotic (sic) President, was the one who is responsible for Viet Nam and Nixon was the one who took credit for the end of the war.  By the way.  My favorite president?  Ronald Reagan, who avoided the United States going bankrupt.  Second.  Richard Nixon.  Take Reagans (sic) domestic policy and Nixon’s foigen (sic) policy and put them into one man and you have the perfect president.”

Which is — Good reading — if you are out of anything of substance and of course – Your mind!

The first American advisers in Viet Nam came into country in 1964, Mr. Johnson was but a budding hope or promise from the Great State of Texas, at that time.  LBJ during his term passed more progressive social legislation than any president in the 20th century and some of his programs are still doing well all this time.  Now he did escalate the war, I know, I was one of them escalators. My recruiter said in the summer of 65,  “You can have this in lieu of your Senior Trip” and off I went.

Which brings us to Mr. Reagan, the Great Communicator.

“Mr. Reagan who doubled the national debt, who broke most of the unions, who saved us from going bankrupt,” well this one is beyond me.  His greatest achievement other than a masterfully planned state funeral seems to be the spacing of airliners 15 to 20 miles apart.  Nancy bought some new silverware and flatware for the White House, but Laura Bush replaced that.  Patti wrote a book.  Yawn.  Now we have Michele telling us not to eat at McDonald’s’ or consume fast food.

Nixon invoked more emergency powers of the President than any other President in the history of this nation.  He was a proven liar and a crook, and he disgraced the country.  Something akin to what some of the recent leadership has done along the same lines, but remain free and not under indictment.

Now we have Mr. Obama soon to be eaten alive and digested on some Fox Network for the entertainment and misinformed of the nation.  How he will be remembered is anyone’s guess.

Instead of fixing what needs fixing, the electorate sit back and debate issues that are basically a dead-horse to begin with.  The liberals and the conservatives continue to fight over the issues, the economy, a greener environment.  Much like the talk shows, they trot out all their problems to the stage, open their bag and solve nothing.  End of the show, they put it all back in the bag, and waltz off to who knows where to collect their benefits and perks.

The liberals they love the environment and the conservatives they love the death penalty.  Soon we will see Al Begore introducing his new plan for a solar-powered-electric chair and the nation will rally behind him.  After all, where can you find a more suitable match, the liberals bore you too death, and the conservatives put you too death.

It’s a win-win.

I cannot wait for 2012 when Sarah Palin again will emerge on the scene with her running mate, a trans-sexual Eskimo.  That should be interesting as all get out.  What a photo op.  As for her being “elected to anything” that is a no brainer.

So next time you find yourself with a little time on your hands, search out the Internet for some “socially redeeming quality postings.”  Make a comment or two, or better yet, don’t.  You do still have the right to remain silent, and remember anything that you do comment on, they have the right to misquote it and use it against you.

Someone once said … A glooming peace this morning with it brings.  The sun for sorrow will not show his head.  Go hence, to have more talk of these sad things; some shall be pardoned, and some punished; and some best, be left unsaid.  Anyone know who it was that said that, Keats?  It escapes me …….

Check please!

I am outta here, please hand me my hat and I don’t need a coat.  I will take a hit of the Prozac and you can keep the goat.  If any of this is not to your liking, the comments section is open, bring it on.  Use your alternate  identities or your real name, the end result is still the same.


Cartoons courtesy of Center For American