Old Man Time


Here we go, third day of a New Year, absolute resolutions.  Here is number one:  “I need all of you to stop sending me these “make seventeen copies of this” and then pass it on for good health and riches stuff.  It doesn’t seem to be working.

Here is another thing we need to stop, or I need to stop.

All these new years resolutions.

I suppose that is what everyone is talking about in the blogging community this morning.  I have not surfed around as of yet, so I am not up to speed.  Personally I feel they are a waste of time, and for the most part, do not serve any purpose other than frustration.

Don’t get me wrong.

I am going to try and do a lot of things different this year, I don’t know if that is a resolution or not, really don’t see it that way myself.  Just making what I consider some changes in my life, trying to do something I think might work.

For instance:  This is the year to seriously consider taking more naps.  Naps make you smarter.  It allows you to reboot your brain, clears your short term memory and makes room for new information (yeah, like I needed that).  When your email inbox in your between-your-ears-high-ground-campus is full you are not going to receive any more mail.

All these so-called E-mail Good luck charms and potions, magic solutions give you an advantage if you believe they work.  I understand that people who carry a lucky charm set higher goals and feel more confident than those who leave their rabbits foot at home.  But really guys, we all know that confidence … not magic is what makes the difference in life.

A good massage boosts your immune system, and lowers the levels of the hormones, which causes stress.  Massage also produces an increase in the “love hormone” oxytocin, which makes people feel pleasantly high. It has been awhile since I was pleasantly high on anything, so I am open for a new experience.  I used to get a charge out of life but here lately, it has been so long for me personally, that I flat out forgot where to hook up the jumper cables.

Now I often do get a kick out of some of this stuff you send, it makes me laugh, and I believe that is a good thing.

Laughing lowers your blood pressure, increases your appetite, a lot of good things come from laughter.  You ever notice little children, how much they laugh?  They laugh for nothing other than the sheer joy of laughing.  I need to remember how to recover some of that joy in my life in this upcoming New Year.

Dreaming seems to improve my outlook on life, might try some more of that, which is going to be kind of difficult, I mean who ever heard of someone controlling subconscious dreaming?  It is possible to some extent to do this during the waking hours of the day.  This morning I am day dreaming again.  The eastern sky is turning crimson and dawn is cracking in the heartland. I am getting somewhat better at this stuff, haven’t exactly mastered it, but I am making inroads into my peace-of-mind exercises. It takes my mind off the day to day grind so familiar to life, and two-dollar ninety-nine a gallon motor fuel.

Sitting here staring out the front window of my shop office, no plans, no ambitions, shut down.  Really would like to be in Florida right now or the Black Hills this summer, it would be a great day to be just about anywhere — anywhere but here.

To be where the weather report didn’t contain the words “storm warning” and the view never seemed redundant or stale.

My mind quickly travels back in time, to grade school and my youth, and how I used to spend an inordinate amount of time at the pencil sharper, grinding away, staring out the window at the nice day and dreaming of better things.

Now some sixty years later, I am back at that proverbial spot (in my mind) and I am still the impossible dreamer, the hopeless romantic.  This morning Old Man Time finds me here.

Facing but one more New Year … I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Life is good