It Must Be Monday


The wind blows hard this morning, it comes roaring across the plains with a vengeance, carrying it with bitter cold.  I don’t know where it is has been, but it has been blowing across snow, it tears at the corner of my eye, and it chills me to the marrow of my bone.  I secretly long to be somewhere else.

This time of the year, it is hard to find that ideal spot in life, that pleasing place, where everything is right.  Back east my friends are still covered in snow, locked down and the first stages of Cabin Fever seem to be rearing its ugly head.  I stop to think about it all, things could be a lot worse for myself.

I count my blessings.

A bad week to be a football fan, at least in Washington state that is.  A Washington state middle schooler was sent home for wearing the wrong NFL jersey.  His school which has an official uniform last week, allowed students to wear Seattle Seahawks jerseys for a team-appreciation day.  Grendon Bailie, who is 13 years old, wore the jersey of his beloved Pittsburg Steelers and was told to change or be suspended.  His only comment was:  “Not everyone is a Seahawks fan.”

It is not easy being a thirteen year old these days.

A Houston Texas couple was told to stop feeding the homeless because they do not have a permit.  The couple had been feeding up to 120 people per night, using donated food prepared by volunteers.  But City officials, in their infinite wisdom, decided to shut down the program because the kitchen isn’t inspected and certified.  Their collective reasoning was that “poor people are the most vulnerable to food-borne illness.”   Which is kind of like saying “Homeless people are lucky, they get to camp out every night.”   Let’s form a committee and pool our ignorance, Houston you have a problem.

I guess it is best to just let them starve too death.

Good news!  Do you desire to have healthy skin?  British researchers found that eating five more portions of fruit and vegetables a day raises carotid levels and gives skin a golden tone, making people look healthier and more attractive.  My skin, is not all that pretty, I don’t normally think in terms of “skin care.”  Does the word “well preserved” readily come to mind here?

At my age I figure I would have to eat a dump-truck load of carrots, just to be considered “good looking.”

It also appears I may have to go back to dressing for success in order to look good.  Believe it or not, it pays off.  Lady Gaga and her ridiculous getups, are projected to make $100 million this year.  In my minds eye, I can still remember my mother standing there and saying to me, “I am NOT going to pay $4.05 for a pair of Levi’s!”

Life moves on.

Former Kalifornia Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger calculated that he lost roughly $200 million in box-office receipts by serving in government instead of making movies.  “It was more than worth it,” Arnold said.  Yeah?  Try taking that to Cracker Barrel for a cup of coffee and an order of Chicken N Dumplings.

Things are warming up down under.  This week it was announced that a group of Austrian undertakers said that they planned to funnel the excess heat generated by the crematorium next door into their new headquarters, so as to not waste energy.

I have saved the boring but important stuff for last.

This past week, President Obama ordered a regulatory review of all Federal departments.  He issued an executive order directing federal departments “to root out those agencies that have rules that conflict, are not worth the cost, or are just plain dumb.”

The main snag or hangup here, would be where do you start?

Our president went on to say (now this one is a hoot), government rules strengthen our country without unduly interfering with the economy.  And he went on further to say that although there are obvious gaps in the regulatory framework, it all seems to be working just peachy, and everything is going just swell.


Filled up lately Mr. President?


A Massachusetts cat has been summoned for jury duty, after it was listed by its owner on the census form.  The cat received his summons, the cats owner said she contacted the jury commission to request disqualification on the grounds that Sal’s language skills  are limited.  And I suppose that he could be considered racist, as it was rumored that he definitely did not like dogs.  It has to be true, I mean, I read it on the Internet.

Sit back, take a deep breath, and relax … Spring is just around the corner, it will be here before you know it.


Cartoons courtesy of Center for American Progress


Rushing to meet the new day, standing in the kitchen, apparently not willing to wait for a fresh cup of coffee, in my haste I am tapping the pot for something that is akin to lukewarm, half-brewed brown elixir.

Give it to me!  I need it now!

A little Carrie Underwood on CMT (Country Music Television) and my world seems to be falling into place like an old familiar puzzle, worked before.  But it is a false hope, I still can feel uncertainty in my life this day, gnawing on me from somewhere deep within.

At much as I want it to be, my world is far from perfect.

I am again, standing at the Crossroads, not really knowing which path is the right path, which is the right way and which way is wrong for me. When I find myself in this particular junction it is because I have been brought here and it is usually an unexpected choice that I have to make.

Most of us do not realize it, but following God’s will is a daily decision.

The majority of the time, we are not given a second chance when we stand at the Crossroads. Shakespeare captured the very essence of it in his play Julius Caesar, as Brutus rallied his co-conspirators against Caesar. Though he chose the wrong path, Brutus eloquently articulated the fleeting opportunities these crossroads present.

“There is a tide in the affairs of men which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune; omitted, all the voyage of their life is bound in shallow and in miseries. On such a full sea we are now afloat, and we must take the current when it serves or lose our ventures.”

No more missed opportunities, time is of the essence, we are in the short rows of life. I can ill afford to lightly shrug off the path that God leads me on this week.  I cannot afford to turn a deaf ear to the sweet voice that calls to the deepest reaches of my inner being. Having no way of knowing where this juncture of life will take me. I can ill afford to ignore a prompting from the spirit.

This could be the week that was supposed to be used to change a life. My biggest concern as always was my being prepared for the challenge, this morning, I hope and silently pray that I am ready.  It could be entirely possible that I did not recognize nor heed the call.   I don’t know if the path is the right path, like I said, but if it wasn’t the best path for me, He surely would not be calling me to walk down it.

So through it all I am forced to remain optimistic and upbeat.  The choices that determine our destinies are not always the choices that make the headlines. This week the Lord will gave me choices to either test or build my character and my obedience.

Gather Ye Rosebuds while ye may
Old time is still a flying
And this same flower that smiles today
Tomorrow will be dyin.

Have a great weekend (or don’t, it is your choice) do your level best to touch a heart, to change a life, find someone and make them smile.  Give everyone you meet your absolute evel best … It is the very least you can do.


Clean Air

Life is tough sometimes
There are a million decisions to make
And none of them
Are easy

There are things
You want to do
But can’t
And things
You don’t want to do
But have to

There are good times
And hard times
And days you feel
Like nobody
could ever possibly understand

What it is like to be you
And you know
That is probably right.

But Jesus is here
If you want to talk
Or hang out

And forget about life
For just a short while.
He is here for the long haul
Or just for a mile.

Hang in there … it is all going to work out

Watch N See.

Let’s throw this one out on the porch and see if the cat will lick it up.  Have found some time to read this week, and that is always good. I enjoy reading other peoples stuff. I am reading this science fiction book and they are talking about putting astronauts to sleep on long voyages into space. A sort of “suspended animation” if you will?

They do this so that on the long deep penetrations into space, so the members of the space crew do not age.

Now it appears that this could be possible. Scientists have taken a big step toward making that dream a reality. A recent study in which they’ve successfully halted the metabolism of test mice while actually keeping them alive has just taken place back east.

They did this by dosing mice with hydrogen sulfide gas (this is the gas that gives swamps and rotten eggs their stink). After inhaling the gas, the animals’ metabolisms completely stopped and their heartbeats slowed to roughly half the regular rate.

So it occurred to me.

“If you were to ride with me after consuming Mexican Food, in the cab of an enclosed pickup, on a long red dirt road in Oklahoma some afternoon, I could actually suspend a few months, possibly a year or two of your life.”

Breathe deep.


Twisted Evolution

Three of my good friends called to check on me this weekend, I am pleased.  Put me down as a Happy Camper in life.  Of those, my friend Wynell, was even brave enough to venture an opinion of sorts.  She said that I need to get out of the house more often.

So Cup Cake and I, we drove downtown this weekend, for some Mexican Food for lunch. After consuming wayyyyy too much hot & spicy Mexican food we went down to the Bass Pro fishing joint.

Didn’t make a purchase of an item, just browsed the store, looking at the sporting goods, fishing, hunting stuff.  Walked around the store looking at this and that, didn’t really buy anything.
Although I love the outdoors, nature and all the wonders of it, it would be a fair assumption to say that I am not a big sportsman.

Now if I could find a girl that loved to fish, I might consider it.

So we are downtown at the local bait shop and sporting good store.  On the way out of the store, a security guard approached me and he said “Sir, could I have a word with you?” and I sez, “Sure, what is it you need?” and he replies, “We are going to have to detain you for a little while, could you please follow me?”

So then I reply, “Detain me? What are you talking about?”

And he said ….. “Sir. You are under suspicion of stealing duck calls and stink bait!”

Mexican food gets me every time.

Maybe Wynell is wrong, maybe I ought to just stay in the house.  While we are on the subject of food?  (Nice blend huh?  Well, whadya expect for free)  Buffalo Wings as I understand it are forty years old, and that was a NEWSWORTHY item because?  Well they are.  That is another mystery … “Buffalo WINGS?” … Never quite understood the terminology behind that, how can a buffalo have wings?

Just like this dinosaur thing, they say that is where birds came from, they were once dinosaurs and had to evolve.

Taking it one step further I suppose all the buffalo were taken so evolutionarily speaking they were made into birds.  Huh?  Kind of like Chicken McNuggets, what part of the chicken is that, exactly?  How about this “Man from Apes theory.”  If man truly came from Apes and the species evolved  … Then why do we still have Apes?  Just thinking outside the box here, which should be quite apparent.  Another obvious point should be that this is being written by a guy who never had his science project turned in on time.

Let’s get serious.

Why is it that our children cannot read a bible in school, but they give them one in prison.  How come they took out “one nation under God” out of the pledge of allegiance, but are allowed to pass out free condoms in school.  Why do I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, before God and on the bible in court testimony, and inside the same building there are no displays of the ten commandments. If there truly is a “separation of church and state” (I believe there is not) then why is it that my polling place, is in a church?

Just thinking out loud again … Anyone want to take a shot at one of those, any of those?

I didn’t think so.

It is great to have good friends, who like they say in the bible are obligated to check on the old and the feeble minded.  One thing I do know for sure is this.  Nine times out of ten, when someone says to you, “I hope you don’t mind me saying this …. But ….” You will.  Criticism is a good healthy thing, and if it adds to the mix, then it is a bonus.  I just accept it (as best as I can) and tell them this.

When you happen across some of this drivel, my distinct temporary loss of sanity, take it with a grain of salt and move on. It is my opinion, that writers’ write because they like to write, some feel the need to write, others want to be writers, and few if any have a real problem with people who do not understand these concepts.

It is kind of like garbage. Sift thru it, grab what is good for you, what you like, what amuses you, and then throw the rest away. As I am not wanting to be long and boring, uninteresting or Republican. I will check out for now.

To those who occasionally call, and offer your sincere encouragement, thanks for the input. For all of you who check in on Monday’s to see what is new and then comment, again, thanks, we appreciate it.  If it doesn’t agree with you … if it reads well or doesn’t … let me know. Feedback is a good thing. That my friends, is Monday in a nut-shell, I am glad we got all that out of the way, now I can get back into the kitchen and stick my head back in the oven.

I really didn’t want to get up early anyway.


Vision and Hope

Some days are better than others, sometimes I am rock steady and at other times, shaky and not so confident.

Take yesterday for instance, I was at WalMart getting some salad stuff and I see her, heading my way, down the main aisle.

And she is TEXT MESSAGING while pushing a shopping cart, I am not making this up people, she is pushing towards me and at the same time, looking down, she is texting.

So I stop, I brace myself and I think … Now this is going to be interesting.

The woman, clearly not paying attention to her surroundings and oblivious to other shoppers in the store, continues to text and push forward with her cart.

And then wham!  Head-on collision in the pickle jar section.

This somewhat abrupt stop shifts most of her weight over the handle-bars of the shopping cart, and clearly does not help her keep her composure at the moment.

She is now very flustered, she is embarrassed, and at the same time, a bit peeved.  “Why didn’t you warn me?” she demands, and I just smile.  “You could have at least said something!”  Again … I just smile.  Another quick thought comes to my mind, “somewhere, there is someone that is MARRIED to this” and one last time, I smile.

Each and every day life presents me with new challenges.  There is D.U.I. = Driving Under The Influence, D.W.I.= Driving While Intoxicated, D.W.Y.= Driving While Yaking and now this … T.W.C.= Tex-ting Without A Clue.  As my grandmother was so fond of saying … “I believe I have seen it all Lord.”

Man, if I did not have my sense of humor, I would go bonkers, I am sure of it.

Here is today’s’ impossible life lesson #101, or something like that.  Today we will talk about or discuss: Joy, peace, patience, vision and hope. How to find something that rows your boat, and then hang onto it.  It has been said that with age comes wisdom, and perhaps this could apply here, I don’t know.  But I am finding that I am experiencing some of these tendencies much more frequently now, and that it is paying off. I seem to have more joy than before, not at levels that I would consider “infectious” but still, I am operating at a level that is more enjoyable here lately.

What used to wear me down and break my spirit, no longer is of importance. I also seem to have more patience than before. I still do not share a vision for my life, I am not sure, exactly sure, what it is that God wants of me. But I believe I have a slight inkling of what that might be.  He doesn’t want me tearing his children down, or kicking his creations. No percentage points in being rude, nasty or hateful, so I just don’t do it.

I simply cannot remain super-serious all the time and fill my mind with only the harsh and painful realities of life.  I leave that for the Bill O’Reilly types on the Fox Network.

Virtually every day I can find at least one thing to laugh about.
• I often need something to make the serious side of life, more palatable.
• It distracts my attention.
• Reduces tension and allows me to breathe.
• It changes my expectations and soothes the edges of my ragged soul.
• Laughing provides endorphins in the body, natural pain killers, and I often need them, believe it or not.
• When the world gets so ugly and serious, I need these diversions to make all the difference in my ability to cope with life’s crushing demands.
• I do my best to do this one thing. Find treasure and peace in the quiet moments of the day, smile and laugh often.

So here I sit, six-fifteen A.M. in the morning, sippin’ on a cup of coffee, putting down all my “wisdom nuggets” on the page for no one in particular, except myself.  And you know what?

Today isn’t going to be all that great when you step back and take a look at it; it is more than likely going to be ordinary and plain. It is winter time in Oklahoma, it is going to be bitter cold and ugly.  Too often, a lot of my days are like that, simply because my goals at this time of the morning are mostly non-existent.

But I like you, have a choice in the matter. I can sit back and lament the fact that things are possibly not to go just “exactly” the way I would want them to go this day. Or I can choose to trust in the Lord, and see what he brings on the scene.

Laughter doth good medicine.  Trust me, “I am self medicating myself on a daily basis. Anesthesiology for the soul.”  And the absolute best thing about it all … You don’t need a prescription.

It’s free.


Day Dreamer

There is a school of thought that says that “day dreaming is not good for you.”  That it raises false expectations about life and then kicks the door open for depression to move in.  I don’t necessarily subscribe to this theory and often find myself doing just that, day dreaming.

A long time ago, an ocean of time would be closer to the truth; I would sit in Mrs. McGee’s English Class and look out the window, and wonder what was out there?

English sucked and I didn’t want any part of it when I was sixteen years old. I felt that there were more important things in life than a good working knowledge of the language, a command of the written word.

When you are sixteen, expressing the wisdom you posses thru words, is kind of impossible, because when you are sixteen, you are woefully short on wisdom. I had no real knowledge to acquire through words, I had no patience or desire. After all, “I was a teenager, and I knew it all.”

Been there. Done that. Got the diploma. Time to move on.

Youth and that unchaste salute, time for deep inner reflection and strong will. I did not feel the need to collect and arrange words in the form of proverbs, epigrams, pithy sayings. I did not feel any compulsion to communicate truth thru words.  I knew no truth. I had no passion.  So here we now, Mrs. McGee, all these years later, and I find myself sitting in front of a screen, almost daily, doggedly and exhaustively pursing all the worldly ways I know, in the pursuit to make sense of life.  As an educator, you would be so proud.

One by one, almost as if mile markers on the railroad right away, I knock them down. Hedonism. Materialism. Philosophy. Intellectualism. Religion. Most of the time, only to come up on empty. Every now and then I get lucky, one item resonates with the spirit and I get a “good job” …” I like that” … or something along those lines.

Been there. Done that. Now what?

Suit up for the game, get in there and get a hit, it doesn’t matter if it is a Home Run or not. Just that you are ready to play the game.  This is gonna be a good day, I can just feel it in my bones.  Sit back, relax and let your mind rest … You deserve a break today. Silver State Ghost Towns  … Crank it up!

Take a trip off the beaten path.