It Is All Good

Michael May, a part-time bartender in Cleveland, was devastated when he realized that he had left a pouch containing eight months worth of tips … more than $3,600 on the roof of his car … before driving off.  A volunteer safety ambassador for downtown cleveland found the bag in the street and took it to the police, who traced it to May through bank receipts.  It is a miracle replied May, “it is great to know there are honest people in the world.”

My wife has done this from time to time, last time she did it was a coke on top of the car in Kingman Arizona.  I did it one time with a glass of tea on the running board of an old pickup we had.  It doesn’t end here.

Heard of a lady doing this with a baby of all things.  And then there is a the one about a 68 year old man from Essex, England, who lost his life savings some $125,000, when he left plastic bags stuffed with money on the roof of his car and drove off.  The man, who was said to not trust banks, liked to keep the cash in sight at all times.

Of course, he won’t have that problem now.

This past July, Violet and Allen Large of Lower Truro, Nova Scotia, won more than $11 million in a lottery.  they have since spent every last penny … not on themselves … “What you never had, you never miss,”  Said Violet who is 78.  The couple donated the money to a list of causes that included the local fire department, hospitals, and organizations that fight cancer, Alzheimer’s, and diabetes.  Violet who has been undergoing cancer treatments, which kind of underscored the limits of the couples wealth.  “that money that we won, was nothing, we have each other.”

What happened to the Christmas I used to know
Where everyone gathered around the fire
Not really minding the winter cold or freshly fallen snow
or the mid winters unleashed storm

When life was grand and truly a joy
When grandma and grandpa came and stayed all day
The tree in the corner and the kids with their new toys
the excitement of the holidays shinning in their eyes.

Now before the turkey is sliced down thin
merchants hawk their wares in the village square
the honest buck is all that is important to him
other than that, he could honestly care

Christmas is love in all its glory
The manager, the baby and the virgin Mary
Christmas is love of your fellow man
A never ending story.

All those who loved me
have gone on and we no longer gather to celebrate
all I have is their precious memory
on this … that special day.

You want to feel just swell this Holiday season?  The next time you have lunch pick up the tab for complete strangers in the booth next to you.  It will make you feel absolutely like you are on top of the world, and in my case, it was less than twenty bucks.  Merry Christmas!  Gather around the fire, hug a kid, and tell someone you love them.

See you all on Monday.