Deep Space

The mind is a funny or a strange thing, in the manner in which it works. I catch myself, after or during a heavy rain, looking up and inspecting the ceiling. A man, who has had the distinct pleasure of living in a house with a leaky roof, never is quite right afterwards. I find myself checking for leaks all the time now.  Same with termites, every time or each time I walk by that spot where we first discovered termites to the tune of thousands of dollars, I find myself inspecting and looking for termites.

Kind of like that old adage in life: “A cat that jumps up onto a hot stove will never do that again. And he won’t jump up on a cold one either.”

This mornings paper: “Even though Saturn is much larger than Earth, its mass is spread throughout a larger volume, making it less dense. Saturn is so light it could float in water if a bathtub could be made that big.”

How do they get away with this stuff?

Now correct me if I am wrong. But no one, not one solitary soul from earth has ever set foot on the planet Saturn. Neither has a mechanical device made by man, roamed the planets surface. Nothing has ever orbited the planet to the best of my knowledge, and at best, may have snapped a few photo’s as it flew by the planet on its way into deep space.

What gets me about all this is that man is always trying to prove that he is smarter than God. The other thing that amazes me, is they print up this stuff (fictional, baseless, hyperbole, it is surely not truth) and put it out there like it is truth or fact, when in reality, it is just assumptions and half truths.

People put too much trust into science and scientists.

Is this the best that Thursday has to offer? I am taken aback, this is going to be a mediocre day at best, if this is the finest offering there is. I guess that is why we have the weekend, something to look forward to, a refreshing time to relax and unwind.

No one has ever been to Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter and all the rest. If they can do it (make up this stuff, then so can we.)

On the morning of Dec 4th, 2010 in Beverly Hills California, (aren’t you proud of me, I didn’t say El Segundo) film producer Rielly Hunter woke up to find herself, by her own admission, fully enlightened. Soon she had become “addicted to her own consciousness.” Finding herself unable to get involved with anything unless it improved her own awareness.

If such a new awakening of awareness is to occur with me, I sure wish it would hurry up and happen. I wish it would happen soon. They are expecting me at the buffet later on today.

When the Giants learn to dance, only the grass will suffer.